This Solo Female Traveler Shares Her Tips For Choosing Safe Destinations & Overcoming Challenges While On The Go
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Lilly is a solo female traveler who loves history, art, architecture, and vegetarian food.
13th Jul | 6 min read

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    Lilly is a solo female traveler who loves history, art, architecture, and vegetarian food.  She has wanted to travel since she was a child and now, she is constantly gaining memories in a wide variety of destinations – and she loves every moment of it! You can know about her travel stories through her travel blog I Travel for the Stars and follow her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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    My Solo Traveling Stimulus

    I’m a very independent person so solo traveling is in my nature.  I started traveling by myself in college and I didn’t know that there was anything special or courageous about it until people started asking me this very question! 

    Between agreeing on a place to go, things to do while there, how much time and money to spend, it’s often difficult to find someone I’m travel-compatible with – so I just continue to go off on my own.

    How Often I Travel And Activities I Enjoy

    Before the pandemic hit, I would travel roughly about once every two months.  For reference, I had 8 trips booked for the entirety of 2020 (7 were unfortunately canceled).  I’m looking forward to returning to that amount of travel.

    When I’m away, I like to find out the history of a specific place, which I usually do by walking around on foot and visiting museums. I also like to try the local food and grab a drink with locals and other travelers.

    How I Choose My Next Travel Destination And Prepare For It

    It’s really difficult to choose where to go next since there are so many places to explore, but I usually go with my gut. 

    What location is calling me?  My trips vary from 3-day weekend trips to my favorite, the 2-week getaways. 

    I have a few dozen trips roughly planned out already so when I decide on a location, I book my transport, my accommodation, any tickets I need in advance, and then I wait eagerly until it’s time to go.

    How I Pack For My Trips

    I’m a night-before-the-trip packer.  My Canon camera is my most precious must-have.  I also don’t leave home without my rough itinerary and destination notes as I don’t want to miss anything!

    Safety Precautions I Take While Traveling Solo

    Valuables should always be kept in sight or locked up, always keep an eye on your drink, and trust your gut if someone or something seems off.

    Best Countries For Solo Female Traveling

    I’ve visited about 20 countries so far.  In terms of safety and the feeling of safety, I’d say that Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Poland, the UK, Sweden, and Switzerland are the best for solo female travel. 

    However, there are a few places I’ve been to that I would say are not safe for solo female travel.

    I don’t have a favorite memory of meeting and exploring with new people and locals because I’ve had so many great experiences with both in so many places.  I’m still friends with many of the people I’ve met on my travels.

    The Apps I Use On My Solo Trips 

    I use the app most. I can place markers on places I want to visit, and then I can add and remove markers offline while on my trip.  It’s a map that helps me keep track of what I want to see and have seen. I’ll also use the Google Translate app for simple translation. 

    I’m looking forward to using the GAFFL app too!

    My Inspiration To Start Writing Blogs

    I had already traveled a lot and was using other blogs to help me plan my trips, so I decided to start one as well.

    I wanted to give readers more descriptions about what destinations feel like and what there is to do for people who are into history, art, and architecture. 

    Since I run on limited vacation time, I read blogs to find out which places were worth my time, which are overhyped, and where to find hidden gems. So, that’s the ultimate goal with my blog – to help like-minded individuals make the most of their trips.

    Managing Cost During My Travels

    I never have a set budget but I always try to find the best value in whatever I book. 

    Usually, I’ll go for the cheapest flight with no more than one stop and the cheapest hotel or hostel room with ratings of 7+. 

    Before traveling, I generally save up so I can spend comfortably during my trip. However, I don’t eat at super fancy restaurants or buy large souvenirs, so that saves me a bunch of money, as well. 

    My budget is designed to save the most money without compromising a good time.

    Running Into My College Professor While Panicking

    I haven’t gone bungee jumping or met a celebrity or anything like that, but I’ve run into a crazy number of people I know abroad. 

    One time, I was late for a train going from Paris to Lyon, and I couldn’t find the right track. The station was packed and as I was panicking, I asked a random woman in French where the track was, and she answered in French. I thanked her but quickly ran away so as not to miss my train, but I turned around because it hit me – that was one of my professors from college!  As in, my college is 4,000 miles away from Paris.  What are the odds?

    How I Manage My Work And Travel At The Same Time 

    I’m lucky to work at a place where I get 20 PTO days per year – which is a lot by American standards. 

    It’s important to me to work for an organization that gives a decent amount of travel time and doesn’t shame employees for taking that time.  I wouldn’t accept a job without knowing what their vacation culture encompasses.

    Challenges To Traveling Solo

    The biggest challenge is loneliness.  Oftentimes, I’m able to make friends in hostels and when I go out, and that’s great. 

    Other times, it’s not so easy.  Going a few days without making connections with anyone can feel isolating.

    Advice For The Solo Female Travelers

    It’s best to look up how safe a country is – and feels.  Some countries are statistically safe but definitely don’t feel that way, so ask around before you choose your destination. 

    Stay in a hostel because it grows your chance of meeting people exponentially (keep in mind you can stay in an all-female dorm or a private room).  Prepare a loose itinerary to give your trip some structure.  Practice common sense.  Have fun!

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