Vacation Checklist: 6 Important Tasks to Do Before Leaving the Office
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8th Dec | 5 min read

We are all entitled to vacation leaves. There are even employers who encourage their employees to use it once in a while to avoid burnout.

However excited you may be, though, vacation leaves do not mean leaving the office without proper turnovers and leaving your prized possessions in luggage storage in NYC. This includes tidying your workspace and ensuring that your colleagues know what to do should they need something from you. 

Thus, an office vacation checklist is essential. Having one will benefit not only the company but also your mental situation right before a trip.

It matters to have things done to avoid receiving phone calls during a massage by the beach or during a bus tour in a faraway city. So, as a stern reminder before you get to that leisure destination, make sure you complete these six crucial tasks in the office. Your boss will thank you for it.

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1. Have a list

Having a list of all the projects you’re currently handling will give you an overview of the things to complete before or after your vacation.

If the project is nowhere near done, you can put it under your to-do once you are back. But do not forget to inform your immediate superiors and your colleagues about this plan.

Well, if you see items that can be quickly done before you leave for your trip, make sure to complete them as soon as possible. By doing so, you can give yourself an added peace of mind knowing you have completed a couple of tasks before you set out on that vacation.

Your list can also include things to follow up with your clients before and after the trip. We do not know if you have all the time in the world to do so, but we recommend going into full details when you craft a list.

It does not only look good on paper, but it also increases your productivity level.

2. Out-of-office reply

Your social media captions are not the only thing that you should prepare for. You also need to craft an out-of-office reply that will alert those who will send an email during your trip.

When you create one, you save yourself from getting angry emails from clients and colleagues who do not have any idea that you are not in the office. It is also proper to inform them of your vacation leaves because they will not expect to hear from you during the period you will be out.

Unless you intend to check your emails regularly when you are on vacation, an out-of-office reply might be unnecessary.

But honestly, who would do that? You went on a vacation to relax and to temporarily forget about emails, reports, and presentations. Just create an out-of-office reply and enjoy the rest of your trip.

3. Task handover

Being on vacation means you can’t do your tasks the way you do them in the office. It is vital that you do a bit of a handover to whoever in your team can help you with your tasks while you are away.

Remember the list you created? Well, you can always go back to that and send one copy to one of your teammates. That way, he or she will know which ones are on the priority list and which ones can wait until you come back.

However, a task handover does not mean you can boss them around and expect them to complete all tasks for you.

You have to consider that they also have functions of their own. So be mindful and considerate enough to complete all the heavy lifting before your vacation so that the rest can be done lightly.

4. Inform business contacts

You may have an out-of-office reply, but you still need to inform your business contacts of your upcoming trip. It will not only help you silence your phone or email for a short while, but it is also the proper way to tell them that you might not be able to attend to essential calls that involve huge decisions.

That way, they can set up a meeting with you before your trip just so all timely matters are discussed. This includes deciding whether to hold off any essential business matters that will need your expertise or go through with it.

Informing them weeks in advance will give them enough time to sort things out and not leave any fundamental decisions hanging. You may tell them of the key person to contact for urgent concerns.

5. Clean up emails

The days before a vacation are a great opportunity to revisit your emails and see if you can delete the messages that have been long resolved.

Cleaning up your email can be therapeutic in a way. Coming back from your vacation with an organized email account will somehow create an illusion that you are off to a fresh start.

If you are not ready to let go of some emails, you can opt to archive them. The key is in the organization, and your pre-vacation days will give you time to do so.

6. Tidy up your space

Who wants to return to the office after a vacation and be surprised to see how messy their area is? All that relaxation you had during the trip will immediately go down the drain.

And who’s to blame? No one else but you.

It is not your officemates’ responsibility to clean up your space when you are gone. You have to take the initiative to put out the trash, clean up your desk, organize your files, and put your stuff where it should be. All these should be done before you step out of the office building for your vacation.

However, at Maid Service Jersey City, we understand if you have no time to do so. What you can do is allocate a week wherein you can declutter your workspace bit-by-bit before you leave for a vacation.

Once you have gotten these six tasks out of the way, there is nothing to stop you from having that peaceful and well-deserved vacation.

This post was written by Geraldine.

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!