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Explore Daytona Beach with Allen
Daytona Beach
Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 7, 2020
I am coming to Florida for a week of sun and fun. Starting in Orlando/Daytona Beach and probably ...
Join Mélanie on his Adventure Travel to Hawaii (island)
Hawaii (island)
Mar 7, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020
Hi! I am gonna go to Hawaii from 7th to 15th March. I have plan to be in Honolulu (Ohau) between ...
Join Raymond on his Adventure Travel to John Muir Trail (JMT)
John Muir Trail (JMT)
Mar 15, 2020 - Apr 4, 2020 (Flexible)
Hello, Travelers looking for some awesome people to do the JMT with me or a backpack trip, I'm st...
Join Sara for this road trip to Calgary
Apr 10, 2020 - Apr 18, 2020 (Flexible)
I would like to go to Alberta, Canada and explore the Beautiful National Parks Banff and Jasper. 
Join Todd on his Adventure Travel to White Mountain Peak
White Mountain Peak
Apr 18, 2020 - Aug 31, 2020 (Flexible)
I plan on travel the continental United States for 3 to 6 months camping and site seeing the enti...
Join Charlotte for this road trip to New York City
New York City
Apr 20, 2020 - May 15, 2020 (Flexible)
Hi! I'm gonna do a road trip on the East Coast from (around) the 20th of April to the 15th May. M...
Join Tom on his Adventure Travel to Vancouver
May 27, 2020 - Jun 8, 2020
Planning to hike the SCT (180 Km) starting May 28/29 depending. Would be nice to meet someone the...
Join Ghost for this road trip to Pacific City, Oregon
Pacific City, Oregon
Aug 10, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020 (Flexible)
Hoping to start my road trip in Oregon  and drive to different states.Not planned much and lookin...

Explore Sydney Airport with Isam
Sydney Airport
Sep 10, 2019 - Sep 30, 2020 (Flexible)
hey hi guys, I'm a 20 year old boy and I want to make my first trip to another continent without ...
Join Lee for this road trip to Cairns
Feb 15, 2020 - Mar 2, 2020 (Flexible)
After living 3 months in Melbourne I’ve decided to move on and start my trip in the eastern coast...
Join Lars for this road trip to Brisbane
Feb 19, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020 (Flexible)
hey guys, I am planning a roadtrip from Sydney to Brisbane. In about 2 weeks we can explore nice ...
Explore Sydney Harbour National Park with Isabelle
Sydney Harbour National Park
Feb 25, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020
Looking is some of you wants to have a walk in parks and around the city
Join Juliette for this road trip to Perth
Feb 27, 2020 - Mar 20, 2020
We are Antoine and Juliette, French backpackers with a 3 seats campervan.We are traveling from Da...
Join Rebecca for this road trip to Cairns
Feb 29, 2020 - Mar 24, 2020 (Flexible)
Hey there!My name is Rebecca, I’m 19 yrs from Austria.😊 I’m looking for a travel buddy who wants ...
Join Krystal for this road trip to Cairns
Mar 2, 2020 - Mar 3, 2020
Hey, me and my friend are looking for someone travelling from Brisbane up to Cairns as we need a ...
Join Verena for this road trip to Melbourne
Apr 25, 2020 - May 25, 2020 (Flexible)
Want to start the east coast from Brisbane to Melbourne maybe Adelaide (great ocean rd) want to r...

Join Floris for this road trip to Wanaka
Oct 6, 2018 - Oct 8, 2020
Yeeew. I'm driving down towards the westcoast today.  If anyone is heading south from on the WC l...
Join Marc for this road trip to Auckland
Dec 17, 2019 - Mar 12, 2020 (Flexible)
Hi folks,it's my second time in NZ.I would like to travel slow and spontaneous, spend lots of tim...
Join Liantsoa for this road trip to Picton
Feb 1, 2020 - Mar 31, 2020 (Flexible)
Kia Ora!I'm Liantsoa, 27 yo, a malagasy-french girl. I've been in NZ for a WHV for several weeks ...
Join Tobbe for this road trip to Coromandel
Feb 24, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020 (Flexible)
I am solo traveller... I want to go to coromandel since I heard so good about it and there's so m...
Explore Wellington with Jessica
Mar 1, 2020 - Mar 21, 2020 (Flexible)
Flying into Wellington and then want to see as much in the country as I can in 3 weeks. Like natu...
Join Noah for this road trip to Queenstown
Mar 1, 2020 - Mar 18, 2020
Hello! I plan on doing a 2-3 week look of the South Island at the begining of March. I have a car...
Join Kevin for this road trip to Auckland
Mar 1, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
I’m travelling to Auckland for work on 1st March. My employer is paying for the gas so will be a ...
Join Brett on his Adventure Travel to Auckland
Sep 23, 2020 - Oct 14, 2020 (Flexible)
Hikes, tours, relaxing all around. Finding as many LOTR locations as possible

Join Mike for this road trip to Bangkok
Feb 11, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020 (Flexible)
I can organize tours from Mongolia, thru China and Thailand to James Bond island
Join Rohit for this road trip to Rishikesh
Feb 27, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020 (Flexible)
weekend getaway at rishikesh at avenye 18 resorts with adventure activities (rafting, cliff jumpi...
Join Vanessa on his Adventure Travel to Bali
Feb 29, 2020 - Apr 17, 2020 (Flexible)
Planning to spend 5 days in Bali between March & April. Looking to meet up with people to joi...
Join Shiva for this road trip to Goa
Mar 14, 2020 - Apr 14, 2020 (Flexible)
Explore and enjoy
Explore Bangalore with NITHIN
Mar 24, 2020 - Mar 24, 2020 (Flexible)
Loveeee to drive
Join Aubrey on his Adventure Travel to Davao City
Davao City
Apr 9, 2020 - Apr 12, 2020
I'm planning to go to a not-so-crowded island named Talikud Islan located in the Island Garden Ci...
Join Ben on his Adventure Travel to Ko Tao
Ko Tao
Apr 24, 2020 - May 21, 2020 (Flexible)
Hello! So I’m Ben, 25 from London.. been in 2 minds about going to Thailand solo for awhile now, ...
Explore Bangkok with Shayne
Jul 23, 2020 - Aug 19, 2020
SE Asia Exploring in AugExploring interesting areas, National parks  and islands from Bangkok to ...

Explore Bristol with Kajsa
Feb 26, 2020 - Feb 28, 2020
I am following my son to visit his friend in Bristol
Explore Istanbul with RANA
Mar 1, 2020 - Mar 20, 2020 (Flexible)
Hey, hope you are good, well I been through your text and interested to travel with you as a trav...
Join Maya for this road trip to Skaftafell
Mar 14, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020 (Flexible)
I would like to travel to a few national parks of Iceland 
Explore Amsterdam with Pookie
Mar 26, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020 (Flexible)
Museums, cafes, bars and sights
Explore Amsterdam with Rishabh
Mar 27, 2020 - Apr 3, 2020
Will be covering 2-3 cities in span of 7 days including Dutch countryside
Join Tammy on his Adventure Travel to Athens
Apr 19, 2020 - Apr 29, 2020
A 62 year old senior active woman looking for female travel buddies Traveling to Greece visiting ...
Spend the layover in Rome with Brad
Jun 8, 2020 - Jun 29, 2020 (Flexible)
Three weeks of travel through Italy’s great cathedrals, wine country, Milan, explore Cinque Terre...
Explore Edinburgh with Heather
Sep 15, 2020 - Sep 22, 2020 (Flexible)
Wanting to spend a week just exploring. Dates are flexible. Would like an exploring buddy. 

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Marie Arroseres
from France

"It’s really nice to have a platform like GAFFL with lots of travelers wanting to do the same as you, a real beautiful cultural exchange. You can meet people so easily and in a trustful way. We were four girls, from French, German and American backgrounds, without knowing each other from before. We spent an amazing week together, 2000km driving, camping on the way. We saw kangaroos, koalas, penguins and pelicans"

Saeed Alam
from Canada

“I have found GAFFL to be an amazing tool for finding similar minded travel partners to embark on an adventure. Through GAFFL, I had organized a trip to Mexico City last month and Quazi joined the trip from Victoria, BC. We spent 14 days of straight exploring, hiking, eating and drinking. Quite an amazing experience - all thanks to GAFFL!”

Scarlett Mansfield
from United Kingdom

"I accidentally scrolled across GAFFL and I'm so pleased I did. I met Amaia and immediately decided to road-trip together. We're spending 10 days together and it's great because we have so much in common. Couldn't have done it without GAFFL helping us find one another! It has honestly made NZ so much cheaper to explore as I get to split the costs with someone too​"

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