Rachel & Nico Met On A Farm In Australia And Have Been Traveling The World Together Ever Since
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21st Jul | 8 min read

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    At GAFFL, we love to publish inspiring travel stories from adventurers around the world. You can connect with adventurers from 170+ countries on GAFFL, meet up, and explore destinations together. In this article, we are featuring Rachel & Nico, an adventure travel couple who are always on the move!

    Rachel and Nico are both in their late 20s. Rachel is British, and Nico is Sardinian, and they have always loved to travel. Their passion is for affordable travel, the outdoors, and road trips. They set up a travel blog, Average Lives, and share their experiences and mini-guides on Instagram. You can connect with Rachel and Nico on GAFFL

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    How We Met And Started Traveling Together

    We met in Australia when we were completing our farm work to stay another year in the country. We bonded because we like to travel in a cheap, adventurous way to discover what is out there, including the less-traveled places of the Northern Territory and remote parts of Western Australia.

    We continue to travel together because it's how we feel the most connected and alive. There is so much to discover, and there are many adventures to have – even on your doorstep. Since returning from Australia, we have traveled a lot in Sardinia and the UK especially, and it has been just as exciting as it was on the other side of the world.

    We’re Always On The Move

    We travel as often as possible, but covid has hindered a lot of our plans to go further away. So instead, we have spent the last year mostly seeing new places in the UK, on short breaks, or weekends and more recently a 2-week road trip!

    We love being in nature, beaches, coastlines, hiking, and camping. Even when we go to a city, we look for natural places around. For example, we just returned from a trip from Cardiff in Wales. While we enjoyed the city, we visited the National Park on its doorstep – the Brecon Beacons climbed Pen y Fan (the highest mountain in the area) and discovered waterfalls.

    How We Choose Where To Travel Next

    Together we have visited over 45 countries. Therefore, we try to choose a place that neither of us has been to before. Or a destination that we found remarkable and want the other to experience. We search for places that are cultural or have beautiful nature. 

    Suppose we can combine the two on our trip – even better. Each trip is different depending on how long we need to see what we want to see, sometimes it might be a weekend, but we have made some month-long road trips too. 

    After this, we begin to create an itinerary, decide where we want to go and see. As we love road trips, this can mean a different place every night or every couple of nights, so we decide how long in each location, the distance between the two, and where it is affordable to stay in that area.

    How We Pack For Our Trips

    We usually travel by our own car or a rented one, which means we do not worry too much about packing. Rachel uses packing cubes in her backpack to organize clothes, so it is easy to decide what to wear. 

    We never travel without a waterproof coat because the weather may not be on our side when we book trips in advance. We take comfortable shoes because you never know if you hike that tiny bit further than what you may see, power banks so we can record our adventures and for peace of mind. Also, our camera equipment, drone, camera, and tripod.

    We Love Meeting New People

    When working in North-Western Australia, the locals took us to a beautiful cave that is not known to the tourists but only to the locals – it was incredible, and we went cliff jumping with their help as they knew the area. We also were taken on a quad biking tour through the bush and on a boat trip. Both excursions were organized by the locals that wanted to show us the beauty of their home. 

    We are still friends with many of the beautiful people we met on our Working Holiday Visa. We have met them several times in different places and have since had reunions at home. There is something so special about meeting people and sharing experiences and places.

    Why We Started Our Blog

    We started our blog because we found that friends, family, and social media were asking us for advice for their future travels.

    We realized that we had stories and information that could help others. So we also shared many stories from ‘average’ people who tell us about their experience working or living in a different place from Seoul to Sydney to the UK. 

    We also want to help challenge misconceptions.

    For example, Sardinia in Italy (where Nico is from) is often overlooked or thought of as an expensive beach destination. It is not true, so we went on a road trip all over the island to discover the best hikes, the best historical sites, and the best beaches. We also camped as we wanted to show that you do not have to stay in fancy hotels to see some of the most beautiful places in the world.

    Our blog's mission is to prove this and provide inspiration on how others can do the same.

    About Our Working Holiday In Australia

    Overall, we had a fabulous WHV experience in Australia. We found that it was not too difficult to find work, but you need to be flexible. Australia is a large country, and the rural places are the places that need WHV holders. The jobs could be in pubs, ice-cream shops, bars, restaurants, or farm work. 

    We would recommend getting a car to help get to these remote places, and many jobs require a car to get to work.

    We learned that patience is vital, there is always something to learn and new places to discover, and you have to trust your gut, do your research and remember to have fun!

    Advice To Anyone Who Wants To Do A WHV In Australia

    Be ready for an adventure, and there is no denying what you can do. Remote jobs, especially in Australia, are a great way to work for a short time to travel for longer.

    For example, we worked 2-3 months and then traveled for 2- 3 months and then repeated to help with this. 

    Nico managed to complete a full circle of Australia in his car by driving to the next job and traveling on the way. So get out of the cities and see what else is out there. Things always work out, and plans change, be flexible and help others if they need it.

    How We Think GAFFL Can Help Other Travellers

    We believe that GAFFL is a valuable tool for solo travelers because if you can share certain costs, you can budget for more exciting experiences or travel for longer.

    You will also be able to meet like-minded people who want to go and see the same places as you. 

    There’s something different about friendships you create when traveling, they’re fast but long-lasting, and this is the result of GAFFL.

    How We Manage Our Travel Costs

    We set a budget before we go, so we know what to expect before we go. We track everything we spend using the Tri Count App. It means that we have a total of everything we spend and also how much and then at the end of a trip we balance it out if anyone has spent more. It is interesting to see what you spend the most on, and then you know how to adapt next time.

    Countries We’ve Traveled To So Far

    Together we have traveled to 45 countries. Our favourite destinations we have been to together are New Zealand and Scotland. The wilderness, lakes, mountains, and nature is unmatched, and we love the freedom of camping in these two countries. 

    Every night it is a new adventure to try and find a great place to camp. Sometimes you find breathtaking spots and other times, not so beautiful or noisy, but the adventurous feeling of waking up in a new place every day, ready to explore, is lovely.

    Our bucket list includes multi-day hikes in the Dolomites, Italy, interrailing around the Balkans, and walking Hadrian’s Wall in the UK. Watch our Instagram for 2022. 

    Biggest Challenges We Face When Traveling

    Traveling more can be extremely tiring. Rachel traveled for five months throughout South East Asia, and it was a brilliant experience, but it was so important to spend some days just relaxing and not worrying about where to go next. 

    There is also the issue of budgeting and making sure you are not spending too much or not missing out on new experiences.

    For example, we went on a helicopter ride in New Zealand and a plane over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is about spending your money wisely so that it will not impact your experience. 

    There are also friends and family that you leave behind. Luckily, it is easy to stay connected with our phones, and you feel like you’re not losing touch.

    Some Lessons We Wish We Had Learned Early

    Plans change, so remember to go with the flow and not book too much too far in advance. Who knows, you might meet the love of your life on a grape farm and eventually decide to move to the UK together (just us?). 


    Money will always come back, but time and experiences will not. So take some, sensible risks, and go skydiving, go for that drink with the people in your hostel room and most importantly, have fun, take lots of pictures and cherish every second.

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