About Us

GAFFL helps travelers and adventurers to find others who are planning to go to the same destinations at the same time and plan trips together in a group. Our mission is to make sure people who do not want to travel or adventure alone can find other like-minded individuals to travel cities, explore outdoors or spend time in a long airport layover. GAFFL is absolutely free of cost. There is no subscription fee, no hidden cost and we will never ask for your credit card.

The way GAFFL works is really simple. First you select the destination where you are planning to go. Every destination lists upcoming plans and list of people traveling there at the same timeline with you. You can either request to join a plan of your choice or create a plan on your own and invite others to join. Every plan is private and you have the control to decide who joins your plan. Every plan also has a meet-up point where plan members would meet-up. Only plan members can see the address of the meet-up point. Group trips can be pricey. But creating a group plan or joining a plan is completely free of cost. So using GAFFL, you will not have to pay for group trips anymore. You can create plans for activities, hangouts, accommodation or ride sharing and have an amazing time with people you want.

To explain more, we can tell you how GAFFL helped Miranda and Jason.

Miranda lives in Sydney and she was looking for others to hike in Grand Canyon National Park together. The group trips she found for Grand Canyon were super pricey. Miranda searched for Grand Canyon in GAFFL and found out there were others who were planning to be in Grand Canyon around the same timeline. She found out the plan and the members she liked the most. The plan members were meeting up in Las Vegas and renting a car to drive to Grand Canyon together. Miranda was also planning to land in Vegas and rent a car. Now, instead of renting a car on her own, she could share the rental cost and save a good amount of money. After reaching the canyon, they hiked the Grand Canyon together and had an amazing trip as a group.

Jason lives in Los Angeles but travels to South-East Asia a lot for work trips. Most of the times when he travels, Jason has 12-15 hours layover in Singapore Changi Airport. These long layovers were super boring until Jason found out GAFFL. Now, using GAFFL he can create or join a plan of his choice, weeks in advance. In Singapore, he spends some awesome time with others who are also in a layover at the same time with him.

The little value we could create for Jason or Miranda makes us happy and pushes us to work harder everyday. If you have a story to share, how GAFFL helped you, please let us know.

Some safety tips:

While using GAFFL, you are free to plan group trips with whoever you want. But we suggest you to:

1. Plan trips with users whose email or social account has been verified
2. Plan trips with users who has a proper profile picture
3. Select a meet-up point, which is super public; for example: Times Square

If there is anything we can do to help you better, please do not hesitate to email us anytime at support@gogaffl.com.