Anya Speaks About Her Distinctive Philosophy Of Traveling And How She Balances Her Work and Travel Being A Citizen Of The World
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Mark & Anya
This is Anya. She is originally from Ukraine but a citizen of the world.
14th Jun | 7 min read

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    This is Anya. She is originally from Ukraine but a citizen of the world. She loves to travel slowly and explore one country at a time. She spent almost 10 years in the United States just to realize that she wanted to see more and experience life in other countries.

    Her desire to leave America with the goal to immerse herself in travel inspired her to start a travel resource Road Is Calling. You can connect with Anya on GAFFL

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    My Travel Inspiration

    My desire to live in different countries around the world is my biggest inspiration! I think subconsciously I was always drawn to unknown destinations, exotic places, new cultures, and traditions. Unfortunately, I just didn't realize that for a long time. 

    My Travel Frequency And Activities I Enjoy While Traveling

    It depends on what you mean by travel. Going to another country for a quick adventure or exploring an area where I live? If I had to answer a question about how often I travel internationally then my answer can be surprising to many. Because on average I travel only to 3-4 countries a year.

    But then if I touch upon the subject of travel in a place where I live, my answer is going to be completely different since I travel locally every single week, spending at least 2 full days on the road. I do not travel in a way that many people do. For me, travel manifests itself as an opportunity to move to a new country where I can settle for some time, work remotely, and explore this new destination at my own pace.

    I usually work for 5-6 days in a row for 10-12 hours each day and then leave for a few days to travel around the country where I temporarily stay. The activities that I like to do are very different and depend on what's available and what type of mood I am in. But they always include food tours, hiking, nature escapes, meditation trips, wine tastings, and road trips. I like to rent a car (like recently in Montenegro) and go in all possible directions.

    Choosing Next Travel Destination And Travel Length

    I have a long list of countries where I want to go travel and stay long-term. So for the most part, I am very flexible. My final decision always depends on the price of a ticket (nowadays also travel restrictions), visa situation, and the type of climate in the country where I intend to go to. Another decisive factor is the cost of living. If it is higher than my budget, I still may end up going but for a shorter time.

    On average, each of my trips is at least a few months long. And between them, I always go to Ukraine or Turkey where I live part of the year. In Ukraine, I usually repack, do doctor's visits and meet with family and friends. In Turkey, I always go shopping and spend some time by the sea.

    How I Pack For My Trips

    Since I usually travel long-term and may travel to different climatic zones, I always pack clothes for different seasons. My suitcase is always big (min 23 kg) and besides clothes, I always take some medicine, my hiking boots, all my electronics, skincare products, and resistance bands for my workouts.

    And recently I also started to pack a frying pan and my own towel. It just became too annoying to move into a new apartment just to find out a completely ruined pan. So I just purchased my own one (a small skillet for travel) to have it just in case if it's missing in the apartment and also have it with me for camping trips.

    Countries And States In the US I Have Visited

    I don't really like to count countries or places I've been to since for me it's always about experiences and things to do. But if I have to mention, then in the US, I traveled to 44 states (excluding Hawaii, a few central and southern states) and 50+ countries.

    With country counting, it is a little more challenging to answer because I don't know if I have to count some countries if I visited their capital cities only. Like with England, for example. I have been to London but I spent there only 2 days, does it mean that I've been to England or not? I don't even know.

    My Best Travel Experiences

    As for travel experiences, some of the most vivid memories are somehow about road trips or mountain escapes. Every time I visit the Caucasus, I just love going on road trips in Georgia country or hiking in Greater Caucasus. 

    My Travel Companions

    I am a very reserved person, this is why I am very comfortable spending time with myself and my husband. Only occasionally we can join local meetups that I find through various expats groups on Facebook. But for the most part, we spend time with each other and have our families visit us often.

    The Travel Apps I Use While On The Go

    For travel apps, it all depends on the country. But for tickets, we use Google Flights, for the roads and hiking trails - Google Maps and, for hotels and apartments - Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, or Agoda (depending on where we are).

    Inspirations Behind Starting My Travel Blog

    At first, my main goal was to learn how to work remotely, so I believed with a blog I could accomplish that. But with time I realized that starting a blog was actually more an opportunity to work independently on my own not depending on anyone.

    Finding remote work these days is not that difficult but in many cases, you work for someone else. With my blog, I am capable of working for myself, making my own schedule, and following my own routine.

    And since I love to travel, my travel blog Road is Calling was born. With it, I set a goal to help others who are like me to find ways how to live in travel and at the same time discover less-visited destinations.

    Traveling On A Budget

    Yes, there is a certain budget I stick to no matter where I go. I always choose those destinations where my income will be enough for life and regular trips or travel activities. If I spend more on accommodation and food, then it means I can't do anything extraordinary and usually stick to free things or travel on a budget.

    But if I get to find a cheaper yet comfortable accommodation and base myself in a smaller town where life is cheaper, then it means I can splurge and afford more for travel.

    I pride myself on managing my money very well. So this is why I always live on a set budget, don't overspend, and also save.  

    How I Work And Travel At The Same Time

    I manage my time in a similar way that I manage money. I set up a time limit to work, plan ahead, and don't allow myself to get distracted. Besides that, I really love what I do, so work always comes easy.

    I usually work for 5-6 days and explore the new city where I live in the evenings (sometimes mornings). And then once I feel tired, I just take a break for a couple of days and travel to other parts of the country (like another city, mountains, beach), or join a tour.

    Biggest Challenges To Traveling

    The biggest challenge for me (as for many people I guess) is money. There are quite a few destinations where I want to go (but delaying) that are much more expensive than what my budget can afford. Going on the cheap is not my style anymore as in some places you do need to spend money to experience them to the fullest.

    Another thing, no matter how strange that sounds, but I don't like the act of traveling, it almost makes me sick. Just don't get me wrong. I love new destinations and cultures, but getting to them takes a lot of effort. I suffer from a few anxieties as well as feel pretty nauseous on the plane. So after each trip, it takes some time to start wanting to fly again.

    Lessons Learned Through Traveling

    One of the lessons that I learned was that cheap travel is not always fun as many bloggers like to portray it. It can be quite exhausting and overwhelming.

    As for me, after so many years of travel and life abroad, it is much better to travel less often but to have more quality and meaning in it rather than just hop from country to country, ticking it off my bucket list, without seeing or experiencing much.  

    As my blog says and what I adhere to, travel is not about counting countries or social media likes. It's about self-growth and never-ending discoveries. 

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