For Her Gap Year Alix Journeyed Through South East Asia With Nothing But Her Backpack
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14th Jul | 5 min read

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    Alix is a French girl who had the chance to travel a lot during her studies in International Marketing. She studied for one year in Sweden and one year in the USA. During her studies, she had a lot of free time which allowed her to travel and discover more about these two countries. During her gap year, she also did a road trip in South East Asia and Australia for 4 months, all by herself and with nothing but her backpack. Today, she’s living in France working freelance and is her own boss as a social media manager and she can work from wherever she wants. 

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    Why I Travel

    I started traveling when I was a kid, my parents were traveling a lot and each year we were traveling to a big destination abroad.

    They always wanted me to discover what was on the other side of the world, make me discover new cultures, and meet people from all over the world. I guess that’s why I am so open-minded now. I am so grateful for this because being able to travel is such a great thing!

    When I grew up I always wanted to continue discovering the world and thanks to my studies I have been able to pursue my dream.

    I am glad I could travel that much abroad in the past years, but today I am more and more aware of our environment, which makes me think twice before booking a trip.

    I try to travel as much as possible in a greener way, by taking the train or by doing some carpooling.

    But I know I still have to discover a lot here in France, and that’s why I am planning on buying a van to go on a road trip all around our beautiful country.

    The Inspiration For My South East Asia Trip

    Two years ago during my gap year, I did a road trip to Southeast Asia. I always had a personal dream which was to go to Vietnam to meet children in orphanages, but after a long reflection, I knew it would be too hard for me to go visit some babies without having the possibility to adopt them all.

    But this trip was still on my mind and I had 4 months between two of my semesters during my master’s year so I decided to book some flight tickets and go on this adventure, alone with my backpack.

    Itinerary For My South East Asia Trip

    So as I said I traveled for 4 months all around South East Asia, it was a short trip and I wished I could have more time there.

    I started with a stop in the Philippines with one of my friends because we were meeting a friend who was living at that time in Australia. It was the best place for us to meet. 

    After that, I flew to Indonesia (Bali, Gili Islands, and Lombok) where I totally fell in love with the culture, people, and landscapes. 

    After that, I decided to go to Cambodia, where I finally stayed almost 2 months, and I was helping in a small village school. I knew it would be a bit like going on an Orphans, but I thought it would be less hard leaving them at the end.

    I was totally wrong, my experience there was so magical, and leaving these children without knowing if I would see them again one day was such a heartbreaking moment. 

    After that, I went to Thailand, which I appreciated but not that much. I guess it was too crowded for me. 

    Unfortunately, I only had the time to go for a short weekend in Vietnam, but then it’s on my bucket list. I still keep in mind the idea of traveling through Vietnam alone.

    After that, before going back to the USA (California) for the last semester of my Master’s degree, I stopped for two weeks in Sydney.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and embrace the skate and surf culture. I guess I was expecting too much of this country.

    Also going to Australia where luxury is at every corner after a road trip through Asia where you eat for 1$, sleep in a hostel for 5$ a night and take a cold shower, wasn’t maybe the best thing to do. I was so shocked by all this money everywhere that I didn’t really enjoy these two weeks. Thankfully, I met my family there and also two of my friends who were super nice! 

    Most Notable Food

    You don’t want to miss trying Pad Thaï in Thailand, Nasi Goreng in Bali, and Amok Chicken in Cambodia.

    Favorite Memory

    I’ll never forget when I joined one of my high school friends in Lombok, for a week. We didn’t see each other for many years and just met again there on the other side of the world.

    My Budget

    It’s so cheap everywhere as long as you are living like a local and not as a rich tourist.

    Of course, if you go to luxury hotels it will cost you a lot. But as I said previously you can eat for 1$ a meal, you can sleep for 5$ a night in really really nice hostels. I never had issues with money during this trip and didn’t even use all my savings.

    Hikes & Sights Not To Be Missed

    Just go where the tourists are not. Book a guide and ask them to bring you to places where no one will be and ask them to tell you more about the culture of their country.

    My Advice For Anyone Doing A Similar Trip

    Just book a ticket to go there, and after that, you will see day by day what you want to do. I never planned my trip in advance and that was the best decision I made. 

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