This Digital Nomad Couple Have Been Traveling Together Since 2016 With No Signs Of Stopping Anytime Soon
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14th Jul | 7 min read

Dom and Jo are the adventurous travel couple behind Red White Adventures. They’re an international travel couple who met in Australia in January 2016. From there they’ve turned their relationship into exploring the world together and using social platforms to share their digital nomad lifestyle with the world.

How We Met

It all started in a hostel room in Rainbow Beach in Australia. Dom had just finished his power engineering diploma and tried to escape a bad economy. Jo was straight out of high school taking a gap year before she was meant to go to university. From there the travel bug just kicked in and it’s never really left. Travel is a big part of our relationship and any chance we get to go experience something new we do!

How We Manage To Work And Travel At The Same Time 

Right now we are actually based in Prague, Czech Republic. We like to have a base as digital nomads and the fact that Prague is quite central to Europe makes it easy to do weekend trips and when we find time to get away for a long weekend. We also love to do a lot of travel in the country we’re currently living in. So we’ve done tons of awesome trips around the Czech Republic. In order to balance working and hiking, we usually try to do extra work the day before a big hike and the following day if it requires us to take time off. Otherwise, we try to do lots of hiking on the weekends!

Favorite Memory With New Friends

We have tons of memories from our travels where we’ve made friends with locals and like-minded people. But if we had to pick one it would have to be staying in this hostel in St Arnaud, New Zealand. It was during the slow season and the hostel was basically empty (the staff wasn’t even there) besides the two of us and 4 other guests. One was a local and the rest of us were from different parts of the world and we all just clicked right away. We ended up having a nice cozy fire and chatting long into the night. It was an amazing memory and one of the many reasons why we love traveling. 

How Often We Travel

This has really varied over the years… We’ve been all over the place living in countries for 1 year at a time but we’ve also done plenty of short trips. We decided though that we would like to have a base this year and do smaller trips because of the pandemic. So in 2020, our trips have only been for 3-4 days at a time which gives us enough time to explore, hike, and eat some yummy food. That way if we enjoyed our time there we can always come back. Especially from Prague, everything is so accessible by train, bus, or plane so we can literally pick wherever we want to go for a long weekend.

When deciding where to go we sometimes see which brands and companies we want to work with and where they’re located. So it takes a bit of planning to get the collaborations in place before and then planning the trip but it’s just one of the parts of being a content creator. Our hope for (the second half of) 2021 is to be a little more nomadic and stay 1-3 months at a time in different nomad-friendly locations. We have Portugal and Bulgaria high on our radar. When finding nomad-friendly locations we do a lot of research such as watching YouTube videos, asking in nomad Facebook groups and connecting with people via Instagram. The internet and your fellow nomads are your best resources when it comes to finding these places, really ;)

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One Of Our Favorite Hiking Memories

The answer to this would probably change day to day but one definite option has to be the first hike we did together in Canada. Jo grew up in Denmark where hiking isn’t really a thing and after summiting her first mountain near Canmore, Canada she fell in love with exploring the vast wilderness. EEOR is also a stunning hike that overlooks Canmore. It was awesome for Dom that it was something he and Jo could do together. We’ve done so many amazing hikes together over the years and the two places that really stand out for us are the Canadian Rockies and on the South island of New Zealand.

How We Are Able To Keep Costs Low

I think managing costs is a very interesting topic when traveling because everyone budgets differently. Of course, since we’re a couple we share a bed/room which makes the accommodation aspect cheaper than for someone who travels alone. We do recommend being flexible on your destination. Sometimes you’ll get an awesome discount for a week’s stay somewhere and that makes a huge difference if you’re paying $300 a week compared to $600. This way you may have an extra few hundred on activities, food, etc. (or you can travel for longer.) So definitely being flexible on when and where you’re going can save you a lot of money. Another thing we try and do is to only eat out a few times at local restaurants. But also buying local food, spices, etc  (try and buy from small local shops) and actually cooking the food at our rental. So having that balance of eating out and eating at home with local products saves us a ton of money! We find that the most expensive things are transportation, accommodation, and eating out, so spending a little extra time on research is totally worth it. We actually have a free guide on this called “5 Ways to Travel on a Budget” that you can download right here:

Things That Prevent Us From Traveling More

Time zones can be challenging. We both have clients that prefer us to be in an American or European time zone and we really want to spend some time in Asia so that's definitely something we're troubleshooting!

A challenging thing can also be having to always restart in a sense. Every time you move to a new place you have to make new friends, new grocery stores, new bus routes, etc. You don’t ever really get used to it but now with social media and all that it is much easier to stay in touch and that’s why we recommend not planning too far in advance. Because you may absolutely love a place and the people and want to stay for longer than initially planned. 

Challenges We Face While Traveling

We think one of the biggest challenges while traveling in the past has been meeting people. This can be a hard part for digital nomads especially because we prefer to stay in our own accommodation place vs in a hostel. To keep up with our work we just need a quiet space and good wifi and unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find that at hostels and other shared accommodation places. Times are changing though and more and more co-working and co-living spaces are starting to open up and we’re so excited to try this out. Most of the time you can actually get quite a good deal that may even be cheaper than finding your own place. Plus it’s an excellent way to meet like-minded people. So we definitely recommend doing research about the city or town beforehand to see if there is some type of digital nomad community. At least that way you know what you’ll be getting into before making the decision. 

Advice The New Digital Nomads

Our best advice really, how cliche that may sound, is to just go for it! This whole digital world seems like confusing chaos before jumping into it. Getting started really is the hardest thing. So do some research, try to land your first client even if it’s paying very little, just so you can get some experience. Jo landed her first client in 2018 at $15 US/hour. That hourly rate has now over tripled in less than three years. And Jo has learned everything she knows while working - she had no prior experience. You can do it too!

We have plenty of resources on our blog and our TikTok and Instagram, and then we host weekly Lives on our Instagram with other digital nomads that talk about what they do and give advice to others. So feel free to tune in to one of our episodes @redwhiteadventures and if you want to come on and share some knowledge and information about what you do then get in our DM’s and we’ll be more than excited to chat! =)  We hope to see you around the world someday!

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