Sara & JAAC Are Globetrotters Who Run One Of The Most “Veteran” Travel Blogs In Spain, Salta Conmigo
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3rd Feb | 4 min read

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    Sara & JAAC are an Italian-Spanish couple living in Madrid and they are addicted to travel. Their blog, Salta Conmigo, is one of the most “veteran” in Spain: JAAC started it in 2007. Salta Conmigo means “jump with me” in Spanish: JAAC loves jumping around the world. Together, they are crazy about food, museums, and getting to know new cultures.

    In their blog, they try to give first-hand traveling advice and inspire people to travel as much as they can! Be sure to also check them out on Instagram @saltaconmigo to follow along on all their adventures! You can also connect with Sara on GAFFL

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    How We Met & Started Travelling Together

    We met at work in 2003: I (Sara) was a marketing intern in the company JAAC was working as an IT engineer in Madrid.

    I then went back to Italy for my last year at college and, the following year, I moved to Spain.

    We both loved traveling and it just felt natural to start doing it together.

    Since then, we have traveled to more than 60 countries together and we hope to never stop exploring!

    We Try To Travel Often

    Pandemic period apart, we dedicate approximately half of the year to travel and the other one to write and do the rest of the “computer work” our blog and social networks need. We usually go on a pair of larger trips and to many short trips.

    As we said before, we like culture and gastronomy. We love visiting museums, discovering urban art, getting to know local traditions, and, of course, food!

    How We Choose Where To Travel Next

    We have a big bucket list, but it changes a lot. Sometimes we choose a destination just because we find a cheap flight.

    Our largest trip lasted exactly one year and one week: we traveled around South America and got to Antarctica.

    Since then we try to have a pair of trips of one month or one and a half months per year and then small trips around Europe.

    We don’t really prepare much before the large trips, vaccines apart.

    How We Pack For Our Trips

    We don't define ourselves as backpackers but we always travel with backpacks because we think it’s much easier and comfortable for the kind of independent trips we are used to.

    Since we traveled for one year with just a backpack per person –and a smaller one– we have understood there are many things we do not need to carry on our shoulders. 

    So, how do we pack? Trying to carry as little as possible.

    Our must-haves: the camera, caps, sunscreen, a light scarf, and comfortable clothes. We don’t need much more.

    Our Experiences Meeting Locals & Travelers

    We have a lot of great memories of meeting local people or travelers during our trips.

    We are not very sociable people but we have to admit we had some of our greatest traveling experiences thanks to the people we met on our trips.

    Attending a live samba performance in a not very good –to put it in some way– a neighborhood in Rio with hundreds of Brazilians singing in unison was one of them. 

    Countries We’ve Traveled To So Far

    We haven’t counted them lately, we know they are more than 60.

    But in some of them, we just visited small areas or spent a few days, we would love to go back to the majority of them.

    We love our countries, Spain and Italy, the neighbors of both, France, and many other European destinations like Portugal, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria.

    Around the world, we loved Brazil, Cambodia, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Bhutan, Antarctica, Egypt, Tanzania.

    Some of the countries on our bucket list are Mexico, Botswana, Namibia, Canada, or New Zealand.

    How We Budget

    We don’t have a fixed budget for our trips but we do take note of all the costs we have while we are traveling to monitor them at all times.

    Our Advice To Travelers Who Are Trying To Experience The World

    We have been traveling together for 18 years now and have a bunch of travel stories. We met a lot of different and interesting people during our travels, and you can too! 

    Our best advice to anyone would be to just make the decision and leave, it’s the hardest part!

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    Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!
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