These Nomadic Boys Have Been Adventuring Together For 12+ Years And Inspiring Other LGBTQ+ Travelers To Do The Same!
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14th Jul | 3 min read

Stefan and Sebastien have been traveling together as a couple for more than 12 years. They met back in 2009 in London and have been traveling the world together ever since. In 2014 the two of them left their jobs in London to do a big trip around Asia. They started Nomadic Boys as part of this. It grew massively in popularity so they decided to make this their full time career and haven’t looked back since. You can learn more about Stefan and Sebastien's adventures on their blog Nomadic Boys and by connecting with them on GAFFL!

Why We Travel Together

Traveling was a big thing we had in common from the moment we first met. We both really wanted to explore similar parts of the world, particularly Asia - we love the food so much! Whilst we had done several solo trips prior to meeting, there’s nothing more exciting than traveling with someone you love.

We've Met Some Amazing People

Absolutely! Meetng people along the way is the most rewarding aspect of travel. We love connecting with LGBTQ locals in every new place we visit and getting their story published on our website. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a new place from the perspective of a gay local - something we highly recommend to everyone! You can see all our gay interviews right here:

How We Choose Where To Travel Next

We get inspired by books we read, Netflix series (Eurovision movie - Iceland for example!) and places that we’ve long wanted to visit and haven’t gotten round to yet - like New Zealand. A lot of our traveling is also based around projects we receive via the blog or social media campaigns.

We used to travel every few months for several weeks. However, since COVID hit us all, the travel industry has taken a massive gut punch, ourselves included. We’ve therefore postponed all travel plans to 2021, limiting travel at the moment to visit our families and check in with them.  

How We Approach Traveling In Places That Aren’t LGBT Friendly?

We make the conscious decision that we are going to have to restrict ourselves massively in relation to PDAs and contact all accommodations beforehand to double check they are ok to host a gay couple. We also research the different queer friendly spaces (bars, clubs, cafes etc) where we know we will be able to hang out at comfortably as a gay couple without worrying about looking behind our backs all the time.

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Some Of Our Best Travel Memories

Some highlights include dressing up as Geisha in Japan, learning to swim/pose like mermaids in Boracay, swimming with sea lion in the Galapagos, taking the train through the hill country of Sri Lanka, taking the Trans Siberian railway across Russia, watching the camels being put to sleep by nomads in Mongolia’s magnificent Gobi Desert, trekking in Patagonia in Chile/Argentina, partying at Theatron in Bogota (Colombia) - the largest gay club in South America and learning to dance queer tango in Buenos Aires (Argentina). We’ve published all of these, and more in our Gay Stories page:

Things That Prevent Us From Traveling More

At the moment the most obvious is Covid! Otherwise it’s work commitments. We need a lot of downtime to work on our website and do the admin behind all the different projects we take on.

Our Travel Bucket List

New Zealand and Antarctica are the top ones for us. Also Iceland, Tel Aviv Pride, Australia and South Africa.

Advice For New LGBTQ+ Travelers

Don’t let being gay restrict you, ever! Whilst there are so many awesome gay hotspots to check out (Fort Lauderdale, Fire Island, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Sydney Berlin etc), there are also many that whilst may not be so gay friendly, are stunning and would be a shame to miss out on. For example, yes we traveled in Russia - a country notorious for its terrible LGBTQ rights, particular those “gay concentration camps” in Chechnya. But remember, there is also a large LGBTQ population residing in these countries as well as many queer-friendly businesses. By visiting them you’re in a position to help these businesses. To boycott them would simply cut them off from a strong source of income. We have a detailed page for Gay Travel Safety tips we recommend checking out.

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