Curating Love and Adventure: The Chronicles of Nadia & Mike, and Couple Travel The World
Nadia and Mike
Meet Nadia and Mike, the dynamic duo fueled by an insatiable wanderlust and an unwavering love for exploration.
21st May | 9 min read

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    Embark on a journey with Nadia and Mike, an extraordinary duo fueled by an insatiable wanderlust and an unyielding passion for adventure. Together, they run a travel blog called Couple Travel The World where they chronicle their exciting adventures. This digital compass does not just guide travelers; it immerses them in the wisdom gained from their global exploits. But Nadia and Mike are more than adventurers; they are architects of unforgettable moments, crafting experiences that linger long after the journey ends.

    Devoting themselves to enriching the journeys of others, Nadia and Mike unravel their travel diaries, spilling the secrets of their expeditions. In their blog, one uncovers an anthology of distinctive moments and hidden gems, each entry a gateway to discoveries only intrepid souls would find. Here, their experiences crystallize into a mosaic of recommendations, transforming novices into seasoned explorers.

    What sets them apart is their niche – the art of romantic escapades and tender urban odysseys tailored for couples. From moonlit beach strolls to charming cafes nestled in cobblestone alleys, they illuminate the map with destinations where affection thrives. Their virtual alcove is more than a travel guide; it's a symphony where love harmonizes with the thrill of discovery.

    So, embark on their chronicles and traverse the world as if accompanied by seasoned companions. Nadia and Mike's Couple Travel The World isn't just a blog; it's a passage to infuse your voyages with their hard-earned wisdom, transforming your travels into an orchestra of unforgettable experiences.


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    10 Years and Counting: Nurturing a Lifelong Love for Travel and Culture

    We met each other in high school and both had a shared passion for exploration. We first started traveling in our first year of school. We continue to travel as we love learning and experiencing new cultures and having unique experiences. Even after traveling for over 10 years together, we haven't stopped learning and our passion for seeing different places and learning about different cultures has not died. We hope it continues for many more years to come from university when we worked odd jobs to save up money to go on trips together on university vacation.


    Wanderlust Unleashed: Embracing Spontaneity in Travel Adventures

    We usually travel to places we have not previously been to before, although we do have a few favorites that we continually return to, like Florida, which we liked so much especially the stunning springs, we started a blog dedicated to Florida Travel called Florida Vacationers.

    We're not planners by nature so usually our trips have a lot of spontaneity to them. We tend to spend longer in places which gives us more time to explore while on the ground. Of course, if we do a shorter trip we will prepare for trips by researching the best things to do in the area in advance. We also try to look up the weather/activities we will be completing in advance to make sure we have the right attire packed.


    Navigating Nature's Grand Stages: Epic Tales of Gorillas, Amazon, and Beyond

    We have recently just come back from trekking with gorillas in Rwanda, which was certainly one of the most remarkable experiences we have had. The trek was reasonably hard but getting that close to the majestic gorillas made every step worthwhile.

    Another very unique experience that comes to mind is visiting the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador, traveling by small boat through the amazon with macaws flying overhead and pink dolphins swimming next to us is a memory we will never forget.

    Sadly, as we travel more and more, our bucket list becomes smaller but one thing that still remains for us is visiting Antarctica. Nadia gets a bit of motion sickness in boats so she is a bit worried about passing through the Drake passage, which is known to have some of the roughest waters in the world, but it will certainly be a destination we tackle once in our lives.


    Leopards and Love Stories: Wanderlust Chronicles from 100+ Global Expeditions

    We had hit around 70 countries before we stopped counting. While we do not know the exact number, I imagine it would be around 90-100. Visiting the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia was a very cool travel experience. You have to be prepared to rough it in accommodation if you visit but the beauty of the place is certainly worth an ice cold shower or two.

    Seeing a leopard about 1 metre away in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is also something I will never forget. Leopards tend to be quite shy, so it was very lucky to see one that close to the safari vehicle. New York is another favorite of ours, partly because it was the place we got engaged in Central Park. If you are a couple, NYC is great because there are so many romantic activities in the big Apple.

    Global Trails, Local Connections: Unveiling the Human Tapestry of Travel

    We cruised for 50 nights around South America and met quite a few fellow travelers on the ship we became close friends with. We visited one father and son duo in the UK after the cruise on our way up to Scotland. We have also made life-long friends with a group of Mexicans we went on exchange with in Norway and recently went to one of their weddings in Mexico.

    That is the beauty of travel, you get to make friends with people you would not normally ever meet at home. We have also met a lot of really kind locals in our travels who have helped us out in one way or another. One local lady in China drove us from the train station in China to an area where we could get a bus when we were stranded and no taxis were running at night.


    Travel Smarter, Explore Deeper: Your Guide to Thrifty Shore Excursions

    After traveling for a while, we realised that we had a lot to share. For example we would often do DIY shore excursions on cruise ships rather than buy the expensive, overpriced shore excursions. These tips (like what local bus to catch and where) have saved our readers a lot of money. For example, recently we were in Olden Norway and visited the Briksdal glacier which would cost $139 per person on the cruise ship for only $4 per person on the local bus.

    Luxury Meets Adventure: A Decade's Shift in Couple Travel Chronicles

    When we were in our 20s we traveled very rough, often camping and trying to save as much as we could. While we still enjoy the outdoors and roughing it, now we are in our 30s we appreciate doing luxury travel so over the years our blog has morphed from more budget travel to more luxury travel. It has always remained focused on couple travel.

    Like a lot of people, we do appreciate a bit of both.

    While we like a bit of luxury, we try to get a good deal wherever we can and any tips we have in this regard we always share with our readers. One example of how we manage costs while traveling long term is by traveling by cruise ship but doing DIY shore excursions as mentioned above.


    Nomadic Rhythms: Mastering the Dance of Travel and Remote Work

    The key to working and traveling at the same time is having a good wifi connection. This proves difficult in places like South America where wifi speed is still pretty slow in most places. We tend to travel slow and visit a place/location in the morning followed by a cafe in the afternoon or our airbnb/hotel where we will spend the afternoon working.

    We sometimes will have to spend solid days working and not traveling at all which is why slow travel really works well for us.

    GAFFL For Travelers 

    GAFFL is a real game-changer for solo travel. If we weren't traveling together, we would really appreciate a way to find fellow like-minded travelers to share experiences together. It is nice to travel alone sometimes but sharing the experiences with someone else is even more rewarding. Sharing costs is also super helpful too, even for couples who want to share a car or trip with another few people. It is always fun to meet new people on the road. We recently met a nice couple from the UK on a cruise ship. It would be great to get to do this more often via apps like GAFFL.


    Wander Wisely: Unveiling Our Travel Toolkit for Seamless Adventures

    Some of the common websites we use to help plan our travels are for accommodation and Skyscanner or Google Flights for looking for flight deals. These are a few of our go-to travel websites that we use on a weekly basis.

    Blogs are also a great resource. If a location is covered by a fellow blogger, we are interested to hear their tips for the area as usually they have some interesting things to say!

    From Bliss to Bumps: The Realities of Non-Stop Traveling as a Couple

    Probably the single biggest challenge to traveling as a couple is being together 24/7. When you go to regular jobs, you spend time apart whereas we spend 24/7 together, working and traveling together all the time. This works for us 95% of the time as we are used to always being together, but when you have an argument as a couple while traveling, being confined to a small space together isn't that fun!


    Love and Latitude: Following Your Hearts in the World of Travel

    The biggest advice we would give to traveling couples is to always do and go where makes you happy. Life is too short to spend somewhere you don't love. If you don't love it where you are, move on to somewhere new. This applies to your home city, you don't have to be confined to one place just because you were born there!


    Lessons Learned Through Traveling 

    When we first started traveling, we would plan every day of our travels with a tour or an event. That was great but we missed a lot of special local moments and spontaneous opportunities. Some of the best things we have seen in our travels have been in the unplanned spontaneous moments.

    For example, we recently stumbled upon the most gorgeous lake in Norway on a random walk in the backstreets. We also have learned that doing the most budget things is not always saving money.

    For example, we used to only travel through budget airlines like Wizz Air and Ryanair but have since learned that budget airlines can be a big rip-off when it comes to adding baggage and sitting next to each other. You might think it is cheap but once you start adding bags in, it really isn't that affordable!


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