This Young Family Can't Stop Travelling The World Together!
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14th Jul | 6 min read

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    Karolina and Patryk have been traveling the world since 2013. They were fully nomadic for 4 years, then they settled down in Poland, their homeland, a few months before their daughter Mia was born.

    From then, they had their base, but it hasn't stopped them from exploring the world. They’ve just changed the way they travel after becoming parents. Today, Karolina, Patryk, Mia (3), and Kostek (7mo) take longer trips once every month or two. You can follow all of their adventures on LAZY Travel Blog and Instagram @karolinapatrykcom. You can also connect with Karolina on GAFFL

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    Why We Travel The World Together

    I don’t think there was anything that inspired us. Both me and Pat have always had this inner calling for adventure and we just knew we couldn’t stay home for too long.

    We wanted to see the world, get to know other cultures. I don’t remember if we’ve ever talked about our dreams- we talked about how we can make them come true. We are both action-takers, so rather than speaking theoretically, we’ve been planning our life together as a travel couple (then travel family).

    We Travel As Much As We Can

    We’ve always said that nothing will stop us from traveling the world. As a couple, or as a family, we will always be on the road. 

    The year 2020 showed us that THERE IS something that may stop us. Because of the global pandemic, we are stuck in Poland for a long time.

    Before covid, we’ve been traveling somewhere every month or two. We usually took longer trips, from 1-week long to 3-months long.

    We are based in Europe, so we took long summer road trips around the countries of the EU. When we wanted to go somewhere further, for example, Thailand, we took flights.

    Both me and Pat work online, so we can easily move from one place to another and earn money along the way.

    How We Choose Where To Travel Next

    We usually travel somewhere we haven’t been or we have found cheap flights to. Our goal is to see all the countries in the world, so we are visiting new places every year.

    When we already have our flights booked (or a road trip planned), we start reading about the destinations we are going to visit. We buy the insurance and hire a car if necessary. We book all the hotels online, plan day trips and activities for each area. 

    We don’t do daily schedules, as it’s really difficult to follow the plan with kids and work. We simply have a list of places to see in the area and we know we have X days to visit them all.

    How We Pack For Our Trips

    We all pack in one or two suitcases. Apart from clothes, we always pack a medicine kit, a stroller, a carrier, and toys for kids.

    The most important thing to pack is a credit card. The world is a global village and you can buy something you currently need, no matter where you are.

    Our Favourite Memories From Travelling

    We have many. The first memory that popped up in my mind was when we were living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was before we had kids. Everyone was celebrating Songkran, Thai New Year, one of the biggest water festivals in the world. You couldn’t go anywhere without getting wet, water fights were happening all over the city.

    We’ve been hiding in the hotel and we met another couple who haven’t enjoyed Songkran as well. They were digital nomads just like us. We had been living in the same building, so we decided to hang out with them throughout our stay in Chiang Mai.

    The reason I remember this is that he was American, she was Turkish, we’ve come from totally different backgrounds but still, we’ve been so similar. The same hotel, the same job, the same mindset, the same goals. 

    That’s one of the things I love most about traveling- discovering that you can make friends with people that may seem totally different than you. When you get to know them closer you realize that you have so many things in common, you can’t stop talking with them.

    Another memory that popped up in my mind right now is from the road trip we had in 2019. We were going back to our hotel in Romania and then a herd of cows went on the road. We needed to wait for about 15 minutes until they came home, as the street was really narrow.

    Countries We’ve Visited So Far

    So far we have visited more than 50. Our favorite destination is Thailand- we love Thai people, Thai food, Thai massage, and of course, the beautiful Thai beaches.

    Some of the other countries that we want to come back to are: Romania, Iceland, and the Philippines. 

    We’ve never been to South America so that’s on top of our travel bucket list right now.

    Our Favourite Travel Apps/Websites is our all-time favorite. They always helped us when we had problems with the hotels we booked.

    We started our own travel blog back in 2013 for no specific reason. We wanted to share the insights and photos from our trips with the world. We’ve been horrible at blogging at the beginning. Our articles were boring, self-concerned, and the photos were ugly.

    Our skills have developed in time. Right now, we are focused on sharing the truth with our readers, advising them which places are worth visiting and which are not. We try to be as honest as possible.

    As I mentioned before, we have been stuck in Poland for almost 1.5 years now, that’s why we started two blogs only about this country: Polish Foodies and Travel Poland.

    How We Manage Our Travel Costs

    It depends. We don’t like to spend too much on our trips but on the other hand, comfort is important to us. We try to find a perfect balance when planning a trip.

    We make money from our blogs, Pat is also working as an e-commerce consultant. 

    Some Things That Prevent Us From Travelling More

    Covid is the only thing that stops us from traveling the world. Thankfully, we are both vaccinated now. We are heading on our first trip in a long time. The destination is Georgia (the country, not the state!). We can’t wait to be on a plane again!

    Our Best Travel Advice

    Just do it! You will be tired and annoyed but after some time, you won’t remember any of it. You will only remember the happy moments.

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