7 Good Benefits of Cleaning Your Home Before Going on a Vacation
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22nd Jun | 5 min read

A vacation will always be something that you will look forward to. However, you will need to prepare so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

And we are not only referring to your travel documents and accommodation. You should also ensure that your house is clean before your departure.

That way, you can reap these seven benefits:

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1. Save More Time

When you're in the mindset of vacation mode, it makes sense that doing house chores is the last thing on your mind. Therefore, cleaning your home before going on your vacation is very likely the last priority for you.

However, procrastination is only making it harder for you once you come back from your vacation.

When you get back from your vacation, you're refreshed and feeling relaxed. You want to extend that feeling beyond your vacation. So coming back home and having to do chores is not the best way to do that. 

Aside from the fact that you want to extend the feeling that you get after your vacation, cleaning before you leave can also help you save more time.

If you take the time to clean your house before you leave and even before you pack, your packing process will go a lot faster. When we leave the house for a vacation, it always feels like you're leaving in a flurry. But if you clean beforehand, you won't feel like you're leaving behind a mess, and you can go straight away.

You won't have to constantly push things back because you are having to look for something that you might be missing and all of that. 

2. Peace of Mind

When you go home from a vacation, it doesn't matter if it was enjoyable or not. You will still come back to your home. However, if you leave your home in complete disarray, the homecoming is not something you will enjoy.

Even when you're away on your vacation, you're probably going to have the mess you left behind at home at the back of your mind. It can undoubtedly interrupt the feeling of peace and enjoyment you should feel when you're on vacation.

If you want to be in the moment and fully enjoy your vacation, you should take the time to clean your house beforehand.

3. Prevent Infestation

Another benefit that you can enjoy if you take the time to clean your house before you go on holiday is to prevent infestation.

At Planet Maids Cleaning Services NYC, we notice that the typical mess left behind is food waste. No matter how minuscule it is, it will still attract pests to come into your home. 

If you have food crumbs all over the place and unseen food debris all over, it's going to attract pests and rodents. Don't forget the trash that is in your trash bin. Those will attract pests into your home as well.

If you don't wash your dishes and leave them in the sink, they will also attract problems, even inside the dishwasher. 

Instead of worrying about pest infestation on your return, do the job and clean your house before leaving to avoid that headache. 

4. Avoid Food Spoilage

Speaking of food waste, another thing that you should be looking out for when you're cleaning your home is your fridge.

You want to ensure that you don't have any food that will expire or rot while you're away. You don't want to come back to the smell of rotting food inside your house and your refrigerator.

Aside from that, that's also a waste of good food. Thus, you might as well consume all of that before you leave for your vacation. Some people don't unplug their fridges when they go for a holiday, which is their choice.

However, it would be best to unplug your appliance if you will be gone for a couple of days.

If you're going to unplug your fridge, make sure that you, again, get rid of any food that's inside or give it away. 

5. Clean Air

When you're out traveling, you get exposed to different environments. Nonetheless, there is nothing more familiar than returning home.

Another positive to coming back home than being outside is that you have more control over your space's cleanliness and safety. This includes the indoor air quality.

However, if you don't take care of your indoor air, you'll find that it might even be more hazardous than the air you have outdoors. That's why you need to clean your home before you come back because you want to help clean the air when you come back. 

6. Manageable Laundry

Before heading out or packing your clothes, you should consider doing your laundry first.

Even though it feels like it's such a hassle, you'll be thankful that you brought clean clothes on vacation. Plus, you'll have more clothes to choose from to obtain with you when you do the laundry before you start packing.

If you leave your clothes in the washing machine, the laundry basket, or even the dryer, it could affect your clothes' state and quality. The stink could seep in and stay there, and it will be more challenging for you to get rid of it.

Thus, you should tackle the issue of your laundry right before you start packing.

7. Relaxing Return

When you come back after a vacation, as mentioned before, you're still going to look forward to coming home. We've all been there.

The first thing that we want to do after coming back home is to sink into the sheets of our familiar bed. However, if a messy and cluttered home is the one greeting you, the welcome back isn't as warm and enjoyable.

Thus, to set yourself up for winning, you should clean your home before leaving to come back home is still a positive experience.


Cleaning your house before a vacation ensures that you will have a stress-free holiday and a relaxing comeback.

Therefore, you should remember to clean your house to make the most out of your holiday. As a result, you get to extend the positive feelings that you get from your vacation.

On your next trip, don't forget to clean the house. You'll be surprised just how nice it feels coming back to a clean home after a beautiful vacation.

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