@WhereGoesRose Is An Experienced Budget Traveller With Great Solo Travel Tips For Women
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21st Jul | 3 min read

Rose is a female traveller and blogger originally from the UK who has been travelling (almost) full time for the past 5 years. She loves getting off-grid, finding lesser-visited locations and of course, food! You can follow her adventures on Instagram @wheregoesrose.


Why I Started Travelling Solo

I originally started travelling solo because I desperately wanted to see the world, but none of my friends could commit to a year-long trip at that time. I ended up doing part of the trip with friends who took holidays or sabbaticals and the rest myself. 

I didn't expect to like the solo parts but came to really enjoy them and wanted to do more. The rest is history!

I Travel Full Time

Since I've been working online, I travel full time. I've been doing this since 2018. When I travel, I like to eat, drink coffee and seek out food markets and cute coffee shops where I can get work done.

I never struggle with picking places as there are so many places I want to go to! The trips don't have a set length because I'm lucky to be quite flexible since I can work from wherever. But I do aim to spend at least a few weeks in each country to experience it properly. Once I pick somewhere, I read blogs, watch shows and listen to podcasts to get inspiration and get me excited.

How I Pack For My Trips

I tend to plan around the weather in terms of the clothes I take, as well as how conservative the country is. I always travel with a tripod to get in my own photos!

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Safety Precautions I Take While I Travel

In terms of safety precautions, I always take cabs at night and research new neighbourhoods before visiting. I think Southeast Asia is a fantastic and safe destination for solo female travellers as well as much of Europe (depending on your budget).

My Travel Resume So Far

I've been to 58 countries so far which I put down to the ease of getting around lots of European and Southeast Asian countries in one trip. I generally prefer hidden gems but I don't think there's anything wrong with ticking off the big tourist attractions - you may as well since you've come all that way! 

My favourite memory is probably staying in a local village in Bali with new local friends, exploring local areas with them, and visiting the early morning market to buy and cook local meals.

How I Document My Trips

I used to write travel journals but a few years ago I started writing my blog, Where Goes Rose?, and since then I tend to record memories there. My coolest solo travel experience was probably my first one: visiting Myanmar in 2015 when there were few hostels and very little tourist infrastructure. I trekked and stayed in local homes, and cycled around the Bagan ancient temple site. It was a real adventure!

How I Manage My Costs While I Travel

I travel on a budget! Solo female travel is the main niche of my blog but budget travel is a close second - I write lots of budget travel guides. I tend to research the cost of destinations in advance, stay in hostels and eat street food or cook my own meals rather than eat in restaurants.

Some Things That Prevent Me From Travelling

In the past, the daunting prospect of travelling alone stopped me but I'm so happy I got past that as I now love travelling solo - it's very liberating and freeing! And it's not difficult to meet people when you want company. I suppose money is the other big thing that's stopped me in the past. Working online as a blogger and freelance writer has really changed the game on that one!

My Advice To Other Solo Female Travellers

My solo female travel tips include starting in easy places like Southeast Asia, staying in hostels to meet others, and joining walking tours, workshops & cooking classes. Be open and don't bring a book to hostel social areas - make it obvious you want to chat! 

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