Poland Travel Hacks: Tips & Tricks From A Seasoned Explorer
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23rd May | 7 min read

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    With a passion for yoga, healthy living, and exploring different cultures, Alexandra Naslin has turned her love for travel into a thriving business. Her journey has taken her to over 60 countries and more than 200 cities, where she seeks to connect with the world on a deeper level. 

    For Alexandra, traveling is not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle that brings her a sense of awakening and mindfulness. She believes in engaging all five senses to truly immerse herself in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of the world. 

    Check out Alexandra's blog to join her journey and get inspired to live your best life through travel.

    And if you want to make the most of your time in Poland, Alexandra shares her finest travel tips in this blog post, enabling you to fully appreciate the country's natural beauty and construct your own priceless memories.

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    Wroclaw: A Hidden Gem in Poland's Crown

    At the moment, my base is in Wroclaw, Poland. Poland is not usually high on travelers' dream lists. Nevertheless, there are many fascinating places in Poland. Therefore, a trip to Poland will be interesting for those travelers who like less touristy places.

    Poland has dunes, the beautiful Baltic Sea with white sand beaches, mountains, and cities with colorful architecture, like houses from a fairy tale. The city of Wroclaw, where I am at the moment, is just such a colorful city, as if from a fairy tale.

    Poland Travel Hacks

    Two Weeks in Poland: A Journey Through Poland's Cultural Capitals

    I think two weeks is enough time to visit different parts of Poland.

    You should start with Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Then you can go to Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia on the Baltic Sea.

    After the sea, go to the Kashubian region and learn about the Kashubian national minority and their unique culture. Then go to Krakow and Wroclaw, Poland's two cultural capitals.

    Then be sure to spend a few days in the mountains in Zakopane.

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    Discovering Poland's Hidden Gem: The Colored Lakes of Kolorowe Jeziorka

    One of the most interesting places in Poland is the colorful lakes.

    The Kolorowe Jeziorka, also known as colored lakes, is one of the attractions of Poland and are known even outside its territory. Four lakes with unique colors are located in the northwest of Poland. In 2011, the lakes were chosen by National Geographic Traveler as one of the 7 new wonders of the world. In the midst of the forest, you can see small lakes of green, blue, and purple color.

    Another interesting and beautiful place in Poland is Zakopane, which is located in the southern part of Poland, just a few kilometers from the border with Slovakia. In winter, many skiers come here, and hikers or mountain climbers can be found at any time of the year. 

    In Zakopane, it is worth a visit to a Polish tavern with national cuisine. Usually, it is a wooden log cabin with a large stove, where all kinds of sausages, pork knuckles, and kebabs are roasted on an open fire. You can find a large assortment of cottage cheese in Poland at the local markets. There are sheep and goat smoked cheeses or brynza. Such cheese is great as a Polish souvenir.

    Gubałówka is one of the main mountains in Zakopane.  You can climb it or ride on the mountain streetcar.

    Poland has a lot of thermal springs. Their quality is often superior to Czech and Slovak counterparts. Hot springs in Poland is a place where you can go with your family at Christmas and New Year's Eve or just at any time of the year and even without reason. Here you can relax, bask in warm mineral water, and recharge your batteries with health and good humor. In the Zakopane area, there are a lot of them, and their number is growing in proportion to the increase in tourists.

    For example, the Thermal Baths ("Termy Bukowina") is the center of entertainment for the whole family, as well as a medical and rehabilitation center. Thermal facilities encompass 12 pools. The temperature of the water in the pools is between 28 and 36 C. Bathing in such mineralized thermal water has a beneficial effect on the body and spirit.

    Things To Do In Poland

    The best things to do in Poland are strolling through the beautiful medieval cities, visiting cultural and musical events, tasting Polish food, going to parties, hiking in wilderness areas, mountains, and national parks, and relaxing on the beach.

    Since I also like less touristy and more authentic places, I like to travel through the countryside in Poland.

    In Polish villages, you can see the unique architecture of wooden houses and taste authentic and organic Polish cuisine.

    Daily Cost To Travel In Poland

    Poland is considered a fairly cheap European country for travel.

    For an overnight stay in an apartment on AirBnB, you will pay between 40 euros. A budget hotel costs 50-60 euros per night. In a restaurant, you can eat for 8 euros per meal.

    Preparing for Any Weather: Tips for Packing for The Trip to Poland

    The weather in Poland can be quite changeable. It can happen in June or July after the hot days come cooler days.

    cYou have to change a T-shirt and shorts for pants and a sweatshirt. I recommend bringing clothes for different weather conditions, as you may catch them all during your trip.

    Best Time To Travel To Poland

    The best time to travel in Poland is from April to October. At this time in Poland, comfortable and pleasant temperatures of +15 to +25 degrees Celsius. Summer in Poland can be quite hot, with temperatures of +30 degrees Celsius.

    Poland Travel Hacks

    Safety Tips For Traveling In Poland

    Poland is a very safe country for solo female travelers. Tips for safety in Poland are the usual common sense advice - don't walk alone in dark alleys at night, don't get drunk, don't go to the homes of strangers, and don't say anything bad about Poland.

    Working Opportunities In Poland

    If you want to spend a few months in Poland and work part-time during that time, you can find work in hostels and hotels.

    If you are a native English speaker or just speak English well, you can contact foreign language schools. Many of them have summer programs, and summer camps, where they often recruit foreigners as teachers.

    Visa Requirements for Poland

    Poland is an open country for travelers. Travelers from the United States only need a passport to visit Poland. You do not need a visa, and you can stay in Poland for 90 days. All restrictions related to the COVID epidemic have been lifted.

    Best Way To Get Around In Poland

    I love traveling by car, so this is the way I recommend traveling around Poland. The roads in Poland are of good quality, and it is quite pleasant to drive on them.

    If you don't drive, you can use the Blablacar service, which is very popular in Poland. Also, trains and buses are a cheap and convenient way to see Poland.

    Polish Cuisine That You Can’t Miss

    There is a huge variety of soups in Polish cuisine. Since I like healthy eating and know about the benefits of soups, I was happy to learn that soups are very important in Poland. I have tasted dozens of different soups in Poland, and I recommend you try them. They are very tasty.

    Some popular Polish soups are zurek, borscht, zupa pomidorowa, kapustniak, and ogurkowa soups.

    Another popular Polish dish is dumplings - pierogi. In Poland, you can try dumplings with a variety of fillings - with blueberries, cheese, spinach, etc.

    Unveiling the Surprising Side of Poland: Exploring the Dunes of Leba

    For me, it was a unique experience to walk through the Polish dunes. First of all, I was shocked that Poland has dunes. This is not a country where you imagine an abundance of sand.

    Second, the sand dunes in Leba are a national park. These dunes are of pristine beauty. It really is a gorgeous place. The walk through the dunes ends on a deserted, beautiful, pristine beach. Here I enjoyed the beauty of the Baltic coast and its northern charm.

    Polish Phrases to Know Before You Go: How to Connect with Locals

    Be prepared for a variety of attractions in Poland. There are especially many beautiful places in national parks, so take comfortable hiking shoes and windproof clothes.

    And, of course, take swimsuits if you are going to visit the Baltic Sea.

    Learn a few phrases in Polish, such as "good afternoon," "thank you," and "goodbye." This way, you will get a great favor from the Poles and be rewarded with a smile.

    Be sure to try to find an opportunity to chat with the locals. They are wonderful, kind, and warm-hearted people.

    Meet locals in Poland and go on trips with them

    Other helpful travel tips from the pros!

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