Things to do in Kakadu National Park
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5th Dec | 3 min read

Kakadu National Park is 20,000 square kilometres of beautiful rock formations, lush vegetation, sprawling wildlife, and thunderous waterfalls nestled in Australia’s Northern Territory. There’s just so much to see and do that we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one post. So we’ve decided to condense this list down to some of our top favourite things to do in Kakadu National Park.  

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Things to do in Kakadu: See Aborignal Rock Art doing the Ubirr and Nourlangie Walk

When you visit Kakadu National Park you have to go see its world famous aborignal rock art. Back when this area was home to foragers, people used Ubirr’s rock formations for shelter and also used these same surfaces as their personal canvas. Now these rocks have become a must- see outdoor gallery that takes us on a journey into the past. 

To see the renowned rock paintings you’ll have to take the Ubirr and Nourlangie walks. The Ubirr walk is a 1km circuit which consists of several galleries with different art styles. A lot of the art depicted here is in x-ray style and shows off animals like fish, turtles, mussels, wallabies, and the main gallery even has a famous depiction of the extinct Thylacine. You can also see contact art which depicts the aboriginals first meetings with Europeans. 

Along Nourlangie’s walk you’ll see more of the same, x-ray art of animals and depictions of first European contact.

Things to do in Kakadu: Set sail on a Yellow Water Cruise

Cruising the Yellow Water Billabong is one of the best opportunities you’ll have to see wildlife in Australia in their natural habitats. The Yellow Water Cruise, which is Indegenous owned and award winning, operates year round right in the heart of Kakadu National Park, it’s wetlands. You’ll be able to see crocodiles, wild horses, wallabies, buffalo and a whole lot of birds, with one third of all of Australia’s bird species being found here. These cruises, especially the ones that take place during sunrise and sunset, get booked up fast, so we recommend booking early.

Things to do in Kakadu: Refresh on a Gunlom or Maguk Swim

Gunlom is one of Kakadu National Park’s most breathtaking places. At the base of Gunlom Falls is a large pristine plunge  pool and with an array of smaller rock pools at the top. We highly recommend taking the short climb to reach the top where you’ll get to experience the spectacular views of Kakadu while also feeling like you’re in the world’s best natural infinity pool. Gunlom Falls is also the perfect area in Kakadu for you to enjoy a shady picnic under the tall trees.

Maguk is another area in Kakadu home to crystal clear rock pools. This natural swimming hole doesn’t give you the same views found in Gunlom, but does provide you with ample opportunities to witness it’s rich vegetation and sprawling wildlife.

Things to do in Kakadu: There are over 30 different trails for you to try

While we have mentioned some of them already in this post, Kakadu is home to over 30 different established walking trails, all with their own difficulty levels. At the risk of sounding repetitive, we aren’t mentioning all of the trails in this post because they have similar characteristics to the ones already mentioned, plunge pools, rock art, etc. However, each one of these trails are also unique in their own right, giving you the opportunity to see different kinds of wildlife and vegetation on different walks. Additionally, the hikes that we’ve touched on so far are fairly easy and can be done in a few hours. If you’re looking for something more challenging you can learn about the many different trails here

Things to do in Kakadu: Soar above the park’s two major waterfalls

If you’re able to see Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls firsthand, consider yourself lucky because you are seeing the two of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Kakadu National Park. The difficulty is in getting there. You’ll need a 4WD to access Jim Jim Falls via an unsealed road that can only be accessed between June and November. A 4WD can also be used to access Twin Falls, but the best way is by taking a boat shuttle up the gorge. Alternatively, another option, while pricier, is to take a scenic flight over the park’s two major waterfalls. 

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