Things to do in Grampians National Park
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30th Sep | 3 min read

In close proximity to Melbourne, Grampians National Park is a blessing for those chasing adventure and tranquility. There is so much to do, see, drink and eat here, that you'll need to spend a whole weekend here. Therefore, we have listed some of the most popular things to do over the weekend in Grampians National Park. Getting there is easy too. You can take public transport or drive there

Best time to visit: All year round (but preferably Spring).

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Things to do in Grampians: HIKE!

The words "hike” and “Grampians National Park” go hand in hand. There are so many options for hiking here and it's hard to say no to any of them. There are trails for people with all types of fitness levels. Start your morning early on the Pinnacle Walk and walk up to a lookout and catch a glimpse of the greenery surrounding you. From the lookouts, you get views of picturesque valleys, streams, rocky canyons and greeneries giving it an out of the world experience. If you decide to go to Mount Abrupt, you will want to take your camera there to capture the beauty of the place itself and the many kangaroos, lizards, peregrine falcons and other creatures on the way to the steep summit. 

If you feel like long hikes are not your thing, you can head out to Reeds Lookout, and from the car park, you get a view of the entire Grampians mountain range. Not only that, if you go during sunset, you can also catch a gorgeous glimpse of the soft orange glow of the setting sun as it marks an end to the day. 

Things to do in Grampians: Visit Waterfalls

You will find waterfalls scattered around here and there throughout the Grampians and MacKenzie Falls is the most popular one. You can hear the sound of the water falling from a distance, almost as if calling you towards it. Even though swimming is prohibited here, you can climb down to it’s base. Overall, it worth visiting just to experience the beauty of it.  However, if you want to swim and relax in a less crowded place, you can head to Fish Falls by following the path on the left side of the falls. The Beehive Falls, Splitters Falls and Silverband Falls are also some of the attractions worth visiting. 

Things to do in Grampians: Get active

The Grampians offers so many activities, that it’s hard to get bored here. You can use Halls Gap E-Bike Hire to rent E-Bikes or push bikes and explore the area. Feeling adventurous? You’re covered! Absolute Outdoors, Hangin’ Out and Grampians Adventure Co provides a lot of options for outdoor activities at different prices. You can go rock climbing, boating, fishing, kayaking, you name it! 

Things to do in Grampians: Visit local Vineyards and Farms

In the midst of picturesque views, you will find a lot of vineyards and farms nearby that you can explore. You can go wine tasting, eat delicious food and interact with animals in the farms. Pomonal Estate is one of the wineries that you can visit and chances are you will want to come back again thanks to their great hospitality. You can enjoy locally produced platters and try their wine, beer and cider straight from the cellar door. 

Things to do in Grampians: Fly High 

Want an aerial view of the Grampians? Why not rent a helicopter? Grampians Helicopters offers different flights and packages to make your experience interesting. You can rent them for fun, or to see the scenery from the sky. They can also take you to wineries, where you can feast and have the time of your life. You can choose from different packages based on your needs. 

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