Things to do in Blue Mountains National Park
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21st Jun | 3 min read

Blue Mountains National Park is about a 2 hour drive west of Sydney, and is an extremely popular destination for a day trip from Sydney. This World Heritage site has a lot of hidden wonders that you can either explore on a tour or on your own with a travel buddy if you want to save some money. With over 140 kms of walking trails and countless waterfalls, caves, valleys, cliffs and rock formations to admire, Blue Mountains is the perfect getaway from Sydney. 

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Katoomba is the largest town in Blue Mountains National Park and is a major tourist attraction. The town is central to Blue Mountains and can be accessed directly by rail from Sydney. There are many galleries, restaurants, cafes, stores, and boutiques for you to visit while here.

The Echo Point viewing platforms, which provide great views of the Three Sisters and Jamison Valley, can be easily accessed from Katoomba.

Three Sisters

Blue Mountains’ most famous site is the Three Sisters rock formation. As mentioned, you can get a great view of them from Echo Point or you can get a closer view by walking down the Giant Stairway until you reach the base of the peaks. The lore behind the Three Sisters is that they were originally from the Katoomba tribe and in an attempt to keep them safe from men from a rival tribe, the sisters were turned into rock. So there you go, if that doesn’t entice you to see this landmark, I’m not sure what will. 

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is one of many waterfalls that can be found while exploring Blue Mountains National Park and can be accessed by taking the Wentworth Falls track. We recommend taking the 2 km Princes Rock Walk which provides great views of Wentworth Falls and the Jamison Valley and also gives you the opportunity to visit lookouts over Kings Tableland and Mount Solitary.

Jenolan Caves

You can’t visit Blue Mountains National Park without seeing some of the oldest caves in the world. The Jenolan Caves are absolutely breathtaking. You’ll marvel at the never-ending formations of limestone crystals, ancient fossils, and pristine rivers that flow through the 10 different caverns of the cave. To access the Jenolan Caves you will need to take one of many different tour options that range from easy guided tours to adventure tours, and even spookier night tours.

Govetts Leap Lookout

Govetts Leap Lookout provides one of the best views in Blue Mountains National Park. Considered one of Australia’s best lookouts, you’ll get a great view of thick gum trees and a gorgeous waterfall from up here. The lookout sits at the top of Grose Valley which you can then descend into to take on some of the more challenging hikes that Blue Mountains has to offer. 


Located just 3 kms east of Katoomba, Leura is a gorgeous little village within Blue Mountains National Park known for its unique aesthetic. The main street is lined with cherry trees and the architecture here has a 19th century English feel. Additionally, the Leura Mall has a great assortment of antique stores, galleries, and cafes. Leura also offers some of the best views and hiking trails that the park has to offer, like Sublime Point and the Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Scenic World

Scenic World offers tourists fun adventures with great views of Blue Mountains National Park. Known as the steepest railway in the world, the Scenic Railway can be found here and lets you ride a cliff side tunnel down into an ancient rainforest. The Scenic Cableway lets you dive into the Jamison Valley, but if that’s too extreme for you, you can take a leisurely stroll on the Scenic Walkway, a boardwalk perched above the Jurassic rainforest. There’s a lot more to do here, but be warned it can get very busy here as Scenic World is a major tourist hotspot.

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