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Spend the layover in John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (JFK) with Abu
John F. Kennedy Int. Airpor...
Aug 21, 2019 - Aug 22, 2019
I am searching for travel partner in my whole trip to USA.
Verification badge Verified
Spend the layover in John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (JFK) with Mike
John F. Kennedy Int. Airpor...
Feb 24, 2020 - Feb 24, 2020
Going to JFK prior to flight to Paris looking to get coffee or beer at the airport!
Verification badge Verified
Explore New York City with Michael
New York City
Sep 21, 2021 - Oct 5, 2021
Reservations made at a mid-town hotel. Museums, art galleries, deli's and exploration of Manhattan. 
Join Dig for this road trip to New York City
New York City
Jul 24, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021
A day trip to just see New York City
Explore New York City with David
New York City
Sep 24, 2021 - Oct 4, 2021
Exploring by bike, by foot, by subway, rooftop patios - cocktails at sunset, parks, gay bars, Yan...
Explore New York City with Mahmoud
New York City
Sep 25, 2021 - Sep 28, 2021
Traveling solo, it’d be great to have a buddy
Explore New York City with Emőke
New York City
Oct 1, 2021 - Oct 9, 2021
Niagara Falls - New York - Washington DC - Las Vegas - Los Angeles
Explore New York City with Max
New York City
Oct 1, 2021 - Oct 28, 2021 (Flexible)
Ich würde gerne im Oktober 21 für ein paar Tage nach New York reisen

FAQ About Tours in Bay Shore

How are Bay Shore tours on GAFFL different than normal tour companies?

GAFFL tours are DIY (Do It Yourself) tours. Traditionally, tour companies will plan everything for you and group you up with people. On GAFFL, tours are user generated. Any traveler with a potential itinerary can start a tour. If you like a tour, simply connect, then plan a trip together using the real-time chat, meet up, and travel together.

Can you give me an example how is it different?

Absolutely! Think about hiking the Grand Canyon. A traditional tour company will charge you thousands of dollars to put you in a group to hike the Grand Canyon together. On GAFFL, you can just search for the Grand Canyon National Park, find a trip you like, connect, plan, split costs, and hike together. You do not pay anything extra for tours and also save money if you decide to split costs with your tour mates.

Are Bay Shore tours on GAFFL free?

GAFFL does not plan any tour for you. We just help you connect with the right travelers. After getting connected, you are planning everything with your tour mates. That’s why we do not charge anything for tours.

How much money can GAFFL save me on my next tour in Bay Shore?

GAFFL can potentially save you 70-90% tour costs in Bay Shore. Traditional tour companies may charge thousands of dollars for a two week tour in Bay Shore. After getting connected on GAFFL, when you and your tour mate split costs for rental car and lodging, you are not paying for anything extra and on top of that by sharing costs, the overall cost per person goes down significantly.

Are GAFFL tours in Bay Shore safe?

Users on GAFFL go through a multi-step verification process that includes phone, social, and ID verification. Also, you have the right to connect or not connect with anyone you want to. You are in control of who you go on a tour with on GAFFL.

Are Bay Shore tours on GAFFL run by tour operators?

No, tours on GAFFL are not operated by tour operators. Our tours are 100% user generated.

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What GAFFL Users Are Saying

Marie Arroseres
from France

"It’s really nice to have a platform like GAFFL with lots of travelers wanting to do the same as you, a real beautiful cultural exchange. You can meet people so easily and in a trustful way. We were four girls, from French, German and American backgrounds, without knowing each other from before. We spent an amazing week together, 2000km driving, camping on the way. We saw kangaroos, koalas, penguins and pelicans"

Saeed Alam
from Canada

“I have found GAFFL to be an amazing tool for finding similar minded travel partners to embark on an adventure. Through GAFFL, I had organized a trip to Mexico City last month and Quazi joined the trip from Victoria, BC. We spent 14 days of straight exploring, hiking, eating and drinking. Quite an amazing experience - all thanks to GAFFL!”

Scarlett Mansfield
from United Kingdom

"I accidentally scrolled across GAFFL and I'm so pleased I did. I met Amaia and immediately decided to road-trip together. We're spending 10 days together and it's great because we have so much in common. Couldn't have done it without GAFFL helping us find one another! It has honestly made NZ so much cheaper to explore as I get to split the costs with someone too​"