Top Free Things to do in Perth
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8th Dec | 4 min read

It’s really easy to fall in love with Perth, it’s a super relaxed city with so much to do. From the many parks that are perfect for recreation and relaxing to immersing yourself in the 19th-century vibes of Fremantle, there’s so much to explore in this city that you’ll never be bored. Luckily for you, we’ve sorted it all out to give you a list of the 5 best free things to do in Perth.

Prot tip: There are free buses in the FTZ in the downtown area, so make sure to take advantage of that. However, if you do decide to rent a car, you can share costs with other travelers on GAFFL.

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Elizabeth Quay

If you’re looking for somewhere in Perth to get great pictures, Elizabeth Quay is the perfect place. The skies in this area are littered with beautiful architecture all centred around The Bell Tower. The Bell Tower aka the Swan Bells is a 271 ft copper and glass tower that encases a set of 18 hanging bells. While it isn’t free to see, if you want to witness the bells being rung, you can take one of the many tours that happen here daily.

Going back to Elizabeth Quay, this area offers a wide range of cuisine which give you the perfect opportunity to stop for a drink or a bite while taking in all of the gorgeous skyscrapers. At night, as Perth’s skyline illuminates, this area comes to life with vibrant colours. The Elizabeth Quay Bridge is especially hard to miss in the evening due to its beautiful glow. Elizabeth Quay gives you one of the best vantage points for the whole city, so we encourage you to take an evening stroll or run here to see all of the city’s pretty lights come together. 

Whether you decide to go at day or night, Elizabeth Quay is the perfect place in Perth to get a cool photo op. 

King’s Park

Hanging out in King’s Park is one of the perfect free things to do in Perth. This is the biggest park in Perth and is actually one of the biggest inner-city parks in the world at 400.6 hectares in size.

Not only is the park grand in scale, but it’s immensely beautiful as well. You can enjoy a perfect view of the Swan and Canning Rivers as well as Perth’s beautiful skyline making it the perfect place for a relaxing picnic.

Make sure to burn off the extra calories by exploring the many walking trails, gardens, and war memorials scattered all over the park. There are free daily guided walks available for anyone who’s interested in knowing more about the history and cultural significance of King’s Park.

Northbridge & Perth Cultural Centre

Northbridge is just a 5-minute walk from Perth CBD and is the main dining and entertainment district for the area. This is where you’ll want to be If you’re looking to have a fun night out at a bar or nightclub. Adjacent to Northbridge is the Perth Cultural Centre. As the name would suggest, this is Perth’s vibrant cultural hub with many of the state’s key institutions residing here. 

This area is home to many free to enter attractions including, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum, the State Library of Western Australia, the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, and a lot more.


Just 30 minutes from Perth CBD, Fremantle is a vibrant port city with 19th-century architecture, scenic beauty, trendy restaurants, cafes, and markets. While in Fremantle you’ll want to check out the Fremantle Prison, Western Australia’s only heritage building. 

If you’re an art enthusiast, we strongly recommend visiting the Bather’s Beach Arts Precinct where you can find the Fremantle Art Gallery. A short distance from here you’ll find Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre where you can learn the arts, crafts, and language of the Nyoongar people. 

Another great destination for art lovers is the Fremantle Arts Centre, you’ll be able to see free exhibitions here and if you go on a Sunday you can also see a free concert in the courtyard. Other cool things to do include visiting the Fremantle Maritime Museum and exploring the Fremantle Market. Fremantle Beach is also a great stop for anyone looking to relax for an afternoon.

Swan Valley

Just 25 km north-east of Perth CBD is Swan Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region with more than 150 wineries, breweries, cafes and restaurants to explore. The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail is a 20-mile loop that you can go through entirely by yourself or on a guided tour. If you have a designated driver, a bike, or a strong propensity to walk, we strongly recommend doing a self-guided tour of the loop and picking the stops you want to do. 

Some wineries like Lancaster offer free wine tastings. Urban List has a great list of wineries that you can visit while you’re in Swan Valley. Additionally, if you’re into an art lover, there are several galleries, studios, sculptures and antique shops in Swan Valley that you can visit as well, here’s a full list

Once you have checked off all the free things to do in Perth from your list, and want to do a day trip on a budget next, you can check out our guide on The Top 7 Day Trips from Perth and How Much They Cost. 

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!