12 Romania Travel Tips To Know Before Visiting
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Juan, who is originally from Venezuela but has spent the better part of his life traveling, made the decision in 2018 to go backpacking across the world for a year. Little did he know, that he would end up traveling for over three years!
2nd Dec | 8 min read

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    Juan, who is originally from Venezuela but has spent the better part of his life traveling, made the decision in 2018 to go backpacking across the world for a year. Little did he know, that he would end up traveling for over three years!

    Since then, he has been posting his travels on his website at Planet of adventures and on Instagram, primarily focused on outdoor activities like hiking and camping but also documenting visiting a nuclear facility in Taiwan!

    Juan is a firm believer that everyone should spend time abroad at least once, ideally alone. 

    "Traveling alone allows you to see life from a variety of perspectives, makes it easier to make friends, and fosters empathy. You'd be surprised at how warmly people from other cultures will welcome you into their homes and communities if you approach them with a smile and positive attitude."

    Juan is now located in London, but he's always planning new experiences in the UK and beyond since life's too short not to live it to the fullest.

    In this post, Juan shares his best tips for traveling around Romania.

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    Why Should You Backpack Around Romania?

    I tend to go to places without doing much research in advance and Romania was not an exception, this was such a great surprise of a country as it has incredible natural scenery, beautifully preserved old towns, lots of castles, tasty food, and very friendly people! what else do you need?

    Romania is also great for traveling on a budget and that doesn't mean that you're compromising on quality as most of the hostels I stayed in were really cool and the fantastic traditional food comes in enormous portions. Traveling around the country is also pretty easy and inexpensive by train and bus.

    Tip 1: An Ideal Itinerary For Traveling Around Romania 

    I spent a month backpacking Romania, mostly split with a couple of weeks around Transylvania and then a couple of weeks in Bucharest enjoying the bustling Romanian capital.

    If you're looking to mix culture, historical places, and nature I'll recommend starting in Transylvania and ending in the south by the Black Sea. My recommended itinerary for a couple of weeks, which you could also make into 10 days or much longer would be:

    Sibiu 1-2 Days for beautiful architecture and start indulging in Romanian cuisine!

    Hunedoara 1 Day to visit the stunning Corvin Castle.

    Cluj-Napoca 3-4 Days the city is beautiful and you can make day trips to Turda Gorge and Salina Turda (Salt Mines), you can also go to the opera for just 5€ and it's pretty cool and something different to do!

    Sighisoara 1 Day to explore the stunning birthplace of Vlad the Impaler who inspired the fictional character of Count Dracula! the old walled town is so beautiful!

    Brasov 3-4 Days to explore this little town surrounded by mountains with plenty of trails around. When staying in Brasov, I highly recommend doing day trips to Bran to visit Dracula's Castle and some hiking in the Bucegi mountains and another day trip to Sinaia to see the fairy-tale-like Peles Castle.

    Bucharest 3-4 Days, Romania's capital was nicknamed Little Paris because of its architecture, although you will also find the heaviest building ever built, the Parliament building.

    Vama Veche 1 Day, this little beach town by the Black Sea is a perfect place to relax after so much wandering around the country. I stayed camping there and the vibes were fantastic!

    Tip 2: Best Places To Visit In Romania

    For me, the best part of backpacking around Romania is to travel around Transylvania as the atmosphere, the castles, the vampire stories, the food, and the people made a terrific combination! In my 10 great places to visit in Romania post, I shared more details about the itinerary shown above.

    Cluj-Napoca and Brasov were my favorite places as they combine cool architecture with easy options to travel around for incredible scenery. But make sure to spend at least a couple of days in the capital Bucharest as it's also really cool!

    Tip 3: Top Things To Do In Romania

    Castle-seeing all over Transylvania for sure! In case you're looking for some incredible hiking, go to the Bucegi Mountains! You may even encounter a bear or two!

    If you're more into cities, Bucharest is a wonder to wander around! it has so many beautiful buildings, even though many were destroyed by WWII, earthquakes, and Ceauşescu's systematization program. But there's plenty to see, I stayed for two weeks in the capital and I didn't get bored at all!

    You can also count on bustling nightlife, cool coffee places, little restaurants hidden in gardens, and easy reach to the coast and Transylvania.

    Tip 4: Budget To Explore Romania

    Romania is a perfect country for backpacking on a budget. Hostels normally start from about 5€, beer tends to be less than 1.5€ and a proper traditional meal will cost about 5€ or even less for a hearty soup.

    My favorite snack on the go was Covrigi which are pretzel-like filled pastries that costs about 0.5€! My favorite one is the one with savory cheese! Not the sweet cheese which I found a bit weird!

    The tickets to the castles cost between 6-8€ and a coffee just about 1€.

    You can easily travel around Romania by train, stay at a nice hostel, visit tourist attractions, and eat in traditional restaurants for 25€ per day. And it's pretty easy to make it even cheaper if you prepare your meal at your hostel. But as I always want to try the local food, I tend to skip that.

    Tip 5: How To Pack For Romania

    I've been both in winter and late spring and you can bet on getting some pretty warm clothes for the winter! The Spring is very Mediterranean-like.

    When I decided to go traveling the world, I didn't have the luxury to pack for specific countries. So I always had to carry on my rucksack winter and summer clothes. In my post about how to go traveling for a year, I list everything that I carried on my rucksack over almost three years.

    Tip 6: Best Time To Explore Romania

    I'm not too fussy about seasons wherever I go as it's up to us to make the best out of the circumstances, but having been in winter and springtime in Romania, my time from March onwards was wonderful as it's warm enough to go for outdoor drinks at night in Bucharest. 

    Tip 7: Safety Tips For Solo Travelers Backpacking Romania

    I never felt unsafe anywhere in Romania, except on one hike where I found some footprints that I think were from a bear! so if you're out in the mountains make sure to ask the locals what to do if you encounter one!

    For the rest of the country, I only found super nice and friendly people. I used trains or buses to get around and never felt unsafe at all. In some countries, Romania and its neighbors have a less-than-good reputation, but I feel that's completely unfair as I was treated incredibly well everywhere I went and it's a country that I'd definitely visit again someday.

    Tip 8: Working Opportunities For Backpackers In Romania

    I didn't volunteer in Romania as I tend to do that in more expensive countries, but I wrote a blog post about my tips for finding a Workaway which are applicable to all countries.


    Bucharest is possibly the best place for finding a job as a teacher or whatever your talents are as it's a thriving capital which is much more developed and modern than I'd have thought before going there. Most young people speak English tough so don't think it will be as easy as finding a teaching gig in Asia.

    Tip 9: Entry Requirements For Romania

    Being part of the European Union, the entry requirements for Romania are zero if you have a European passport, if you're from somewhere else, the rules that apply to visit any European country are likely to be the same.

    If you're already traveling inside Europe, you can travel between neighboring countries such as Hungary or Bulgaria without even passport control at the border if you go by bus or train.

    Tip 10: Best Ways To Get Around In Romania

    I used trains and buses to get around Romania. Both were inexpensive. As I like traveling by train, I always preferred this transport whenever I could. To give you an idea of the costs, a train ticket between Bucharest and Brasov is only 5€. A return ticket from Brasov to Poiana to see the beautiful Peles Castle only costs 3.5€.

    Buses are even cheaper!

    Tip 11: Best Things To Eat In Romania 

    Some of the traditional Romanian dishes are similar in various Eastern European countries such as Sarmale (cabbage rolls filled with meat), Mici (kebab-like grilled meat), Polenta-based Mamaliga side dishes, and a variety of soups or Ciorba with the tripe soup being the most traditional in Romania.

    I particularly loved the roasted pork knuckle, the Covrigis that can be found in every bakery, and the indulgent Papanasi desert which are Romanian doughnuts filled with cottage cheese and topped with jam!

    Tip 12: Unique Experiences In Romania

    I'm an outdoor lover so the short hikes I did were fantastic! But aside from the incredible mountains I also enjoy visiting historical places and the castles around Transylvania were so beautiful and full of history that they differentiate the traveling experience of Romania compared to other countries.

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