Juan, who is originally from Venezuela but has spent the better part of his life traveling, made the decision in 2018 to go backpacking across the world for a year. Little did he know, that he would end up traveling for over three years! Since then, he has been posting his travels on his website at Planet of adventures and on Instagram, primarily focused on outdoor activities like hiking and camping but also documenting visiting a nuclear facility in Taiwan! Juan is a firm believer that everyone should spend time abroad at least once, ideally alone. "Traveling alone allows you to see life from a variety of perspectives, makes it easier to make friends, and fosters empathy. You'd be surprised at how warmly people from other cultures will welcome you into their homes and communities if you approach them with a smile and positive attitude." Juan is now located in London, but he's always planning new experiences in the UK and beyond since life's too short not to live it to the fullest.


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