A Simple Tool Made By Instagram Founders To Check How Fast The Virus Is Growing In Your Area
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8th Dec | 1 min read

Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have reunited to build a beautiful tool for ordinary people to see how fast the virus is growing. It's called Rt(rt.live). They are focusing on the Rt value, which is the effective reproduction rate of the virus in a particular location.

The Rt value basically determines how many people on average are getting infected by one infectious person. If the number is above 1, it means the rate of growth of the virus in that area is high and community spread is active. If the number is below 1, it means one person is infecting less than one person, which is a great sign indicating that the community measures are working and the growth is slowing down and will come to a stop! 

From the tool, we could visualize that some states in US like Connecticut, Colorado, and Alabama are in the green zone and slowing down the transmission. We could also see that some states who we thought had a grip of the situation like Washington and Idaho have come back to red zone from the green zone! South Carolina, Ohio, and North Dakota currently have the worst Rt values of 1.5 or above! Around 70% of the US states are currently in the red with an R value of 1 or above! 

This is a snapshot from the website where you can see the list of all the states and their Rt values. You can go back up to 3 weeks to visualize the data.  

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!

Previously, we have written about how New Zealand was squashing the curve and Australia beating down COVID-19. This is a really simple tool which focuses on the growth rate of the virus rather than the overall top line numbers!

This clearly shows that we have to be vigilant and careful about every move we make. We should follow the advice of the public health officials in our areas and follow the stay at home orders. 

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Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!