5 Post Quarantine Trip Ideas To Take If You're In Sydney
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24th Jun | 3 min read

Coronavirus quarantine measures could ease up within a few weeks as Australia has been doing a great job at planking the curve. According to Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, one of the first restrictions to be eased will be on small social gatherings outdoors

So if you’re in Australia right now, you could conceivably start planning for short day trips to do on your own or with close friends and family once restrictions are lifted. 

If that’s exactly what you’re doing right now, we want to help, here are some post quarantine trip ideas to take from Sydney.

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Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Ku-ring- Gai Chase national park is huge, the park in itself is so big that it could use it’s own itinerary, it's approximately 15,000 hectares. This is perfect for a post-quarantine trip since the park’s massive landscape makes it easy to avoid people.

We suggest that you take the Aboriginal walk, highlighting the rock art and engravings of the Guringai people of West Head. See the basin aboriginal art site, to remind yourself of the rich Aboriginal heritage of the region. Walk on the America Bay Walking track and ultimately take a cycle ride on the center trail to experience Ku-ring-gai to its fullest.

You can find more about Ku-ring-gai Chase National park here.

Bondi Beach

It was recently announced that Bondi Beach would reopen for surfers and swimmers. Paula Masselos, mayor of Waverley, which takes in Bondi and surrounds, said locals could return to the ocean starting 28 April via two access points only.

Bondi is a surfers paradise. It's recognized as one of the most famous beaches of Australia. So, if you're up to catch some waves, Bondi is a must.

In addition to that, we strongly recommend chilling by the Icebergs which are ocean pools which jut out. Besides the obvious lounging by the pool, you can visit the Bondi Pavilion Gallery, which houses an art gallery, a theatre, and cafes. If you're willing, you can also watch the outdoor cinema that is held every summer.

We recommend you also take the Bondi to Coogee walk. This walk incorporates remote beaches and aesthetic beauty for your Instagram feed. Along the walk, you can also enjoy the sculptures that artists from different parts of the world come to make. Make sure you stop by Bronte to observe its waves crash into the land as well. Bronte will be reopening as well.

Sydney Harbour National Park

Discovering the Harbour Park comes naturally when you're in Sydney. The park shelters secluded beaches and picturesque islands. You can either take a walk along the shoreline from Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park along with its surroundings comprise of equal parts nature and monuments of art. A site of green in the midst of a concrete jungle. You can walk along the numerous well-kept gardens and walk along the tree-lined avenues.

The monuments that are a must visit are Archibald Fountain. It is perhaps the most prolific, having been donated as a gift by JF Archibald. It’s easy to spot, thanks to its ancient mythological statue of Apollo surrounded by horses, tortoises, and dolphins.

Other than that, there are the Sandringham and Nagoya Gardens, which are filled with public art works, impressive monuments, and water features.

Blue Mountains National Park

This World Heritage site has a lot of hidden wonders that you can either explore on your own with a small group of friends and family. It’s a little bit further than some of the other suggestions on this list at a 2 hour drive. However, with over 140 kms of walking trail and countless waterfalls, caves, valleys, cliffs and rock formations to admire, this is a day trip that’s perfect for you if you’re looking to avoid running into crowds. 

Visit arguably the most popular site in Blue Mountains, The Three Sisters, take some popular hikes that take you to lookouts over Wentworth Falls, Kings Tableland and Mount Solitary, and marvel at the limestone crystals and underground rivers of the Jenolan Caves.

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