The Top 7 Day Trips from Perth and How Much They Cost
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9th Dec | 7 min read

Australia’s west coast is absolutely breathtaking and there’s no better central hub to take it all in than Perth. Doing one of these day trips from Perth is the perfect way to escape bustling city life. Our suggestions in this post will take you everywhere from Australia’s oldest wine region to an island populated with over a thousand little wild penguins. While there are many tour companies offering guided tours to many of these destinations, we strongly recommend renting a car and doing these trips yourself! If you're looking to spend the night here, check out our picks for the 15 best hostels in Perth. The major benefit of doing this is the flexibility you’ll have to see what you actually want to see, and more importantly, it’ll make the trip a lot cheaper.

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The price estimate mentioned in this post does not include rental car fees and tolls. A Car Rental in Brisbane starts at around $40.00 per day. 

Day Trips from Perth: Swan Valley

Just 25 km north-east of Perth CBD, Swan Valley is about a 30-minute drive and is a perfect day trip from Perth for foodies and wine lovers. This area is stunning all year round but spring and summer are particularly enjoyable because you’ll get to experience the lush grapevines in their prime. Swan Valley is actually Australia’s oldest wine region with plenty of renowned wineries and vineyards to explore. To get a taste of Swan Valley staples, you can visit and take a tour of Lancaster or Sandalford wines. Additionally, if you want to see how different beers and spirits are made, you can visit the many microbreweries in the area. If you’re an art lover, there are several galleries, studios, sculptures, and antique shops in Swan Valley that you can visit as well, here’s a full list


  • Fuel costs from Perth to Swan Valley are about $2-$5.
  • There are many different kinds of wine tours you can take in this area, public tours start at about $70 and you’ll be paying a lot more for a private tour

Day Trips from Perth: Caversham Wildlife Park

This day trip from Swan Valley lets you get up close and personal with many of Australia’s best-known creatures like kangaroos, wombats, koalas, penguins, and many more. Caversham is just a short 20-minute drive from Perth CBD, the park is open every day from 9 am-5:30 pm, making it an easy day trip to do during any time of the year. The park is divided into 6 main sections that you can explore on your own or in a group tour. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay for a tour, you can join other travelers on GAFFL and explore the park together.


  • Fuel costs from Perth to Caversham are about $2-$3.
  • Park Admission $30 for adults.
  • A tour of Caversham with Explore Tours Perth costs $45 for an adult.

Day Trips from Perth: The Pinnacles (Nambung National Park)

This day trip from Perth will take you to Nambung National Park which is home to The Pinnacles Desert. First, you’ll want to visit Hangover Bay, a white sand beach good for swimming and snorkeling. The main attraction of this stop, The Pinnacles is east of Hangover bay on Pinnacles Drive. Here you'll be able to see thousands of ancient limestone spires. The best time for an excursion through The Pinnacles is during sunset when the colors of the sand really become beautiful. While tours are popular here, even if you’re solo, we strongly recommend skipping the tours, renting a car, finding a travel buddy, sharing the costs, and heading out to chase the beauty of the pinnacles at your own pace.


Day Trips from Perth: Yanchep National Park

Yanchep National Park is about 50 km north of Perth and offers another great day trip destination for animal lovers. If you want to see kangaroos and koalas roaming free, you’re in luck because Yanchep has them in abundance. Once you get tired of chasing kangaroos you can settle down for a picnic at one of the many tables located around the park. If you’re then looking to burn off some calories you can walk the many different trails and explore the large network of limestone caves. The most spectacular of these caves is Crystal Cave, which you can see on a guided tour. The more popular shorter trails include ‘Dwerta Mia’ Trail (1km), Woodlands Walk Trail (2.6km), and the Wetlands Walk Trail (2km). If you’re looking for a challenge you can attempt to take on the Ghost House Walk Trail which is the longest trail in Yanchep at about 12.4 km.  Yanchep is also rich in Aboriginal culture. The Noongar, in particular, populate this region, and you can find out more about their history and culture at the Yanchep Aboriginal Cultural Experience.


Day Trips from Perth: Fremantle

Just 30 minutes from Perth CBD, this day trip from Perth takes you to its vibrant port city with 19th-century architecture and a true maritime feel. While in Fremantle you’ll want to check out the Fremantle Prison, Western Australia’s only heritage building. If you’re an art enthusiast, we strongly recommend visiting the Bather’s Beach Arts Precinct where you can find the Fremantle Art Gallery. A short distance from here you’ll find Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre where you can learn the arts, crafts, and language of the Nyoongar people. Another great destination for art lovers is the Fremantle Arts Centre, you’ll be able to see free exhibitions here and if you go on a Sunday you can also see a free concert in the courtyard. Other cool things to do include visiting the Fremantle Maritime Museum and exploring the Fremantle Market.


  • Fuel costs from Perth to Caversham are about $2-4.
  • Tours of the Fremantle Prison start at $22 for adults and there are a lot more options that are a bit pricier.

Day Trips from Perth: Rottnest Island

You can catch a ferry to Rottnest Island from Perth or Fremantle daily. From Perth, it takes about 90 minutes and from Fremantle, it takes just 35 minutes. There aren’t any cars in Rottnest and you’ll need to explore the island on a bike or on a bus tour. We strongly recommend renting a bike so that you’re able to see what you want and at your own pace. If you’re solo you can always find a travel buddy on GAFFL to explore Rottnest on bikes with. There is also a wide range of free walking tours all over the island. You can explore the beautiful bays and beaches. We recommend hanging around Pinky Beach, The Basin, Little Parakeet Bay, Geordie Bay, Little Salmon Bay which is a great snorkeling spot. For animal lovers, we encourage you to seek out a selfie with Rottnest’s most renowned marsupial, the quokka. If you’re looking to spot more wildlife. you can also head over to Cathedral Rock to see the seals playing near in the water below. 


Day Trips from Perth: Rockingham and Penguin Island

Rockingham is less than an hour away from Perth. This quaint coastal city is known for its natural beauty and is popular amongst tourists for its proximity to exotic wildlife. From early September to June, wild dolphins can be encountered by the dozens in this area. While pricy, you do have the option to see them up close by booking an excursion. Nearby Penguin Island is also a very popular destination for a day trip from Perth. As the name would suggest, here you’ll have the opportunity to spot wild penguins, it’s said that this island is home to about 1200 little penguins, which happens to be the largest population of wild birds in Western Australia. 


  • Fuel costs from Perth to Rockingham are about $6-10.
  • Swimming with wild dolphins costs $205 for adults.
  • The Penguin Island Ferry starts at $18 for an adult with Perth Wildlife Encounters.

We hope that this post was able to help you plan the perfect day trips from Perth. Make sure to share this article with anyone you think it’d help! You can also check out our guide on the Top Free Things to do in Perth. Also, remember that you can always use GAFFL to connect with travelers and locals in Australia!

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!


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