She Got Stuck In Australia And Turned It Into An Epic Trip: Here’s How Moira’s Been Spending Her Working Holiday in Australia!
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21st Jul | 3 min read

Moira is 25, from the United States, and has been traveling for 2 and a half years throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. She graduated University in New York in 2018 and has been picking up jobs in tourism and hospitality to fund her travels ever since. She’s currently saving up to travel the West Coast of Australia. She loves meeting backpackers and exploring new hikes, beaches, and nature sites. You can follow more of Moira's adventures on her Instagram.

My Trip To Australia Wasn’t Planned

My friends were living in Melbourne and convinced me to swing down at the end of my Asia travels and I got stuck…wouldn’t change it for the world though.

How I’ve Gotten Around Australia

In Australia, I’ve been flying or renting camper vans to get around. I had shared houses in Melbourne but everywhere else I’ve been in hostels and working for accommodation. I’ve done reception and housekeeping in exchange for free rent and I definitely suggest it! Most hostels are flexible If you have another job or want certain days off and it’s a great way to meet people and gain perks.

For the east coast, my trip was pretty mapped out for an ideal itinerary. So, I had an idea of where to go but no extreme time limit on how long I’d stay in a place. The Whitsundays and Fraser Island tours kept a slight time restraint on places we need to be on certain dates but besides that we kind of just went on when we felt like it. My bucket list for Australia is mainly on the west coast now! I can’t wait to do a road trip there next. 

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My Packing List

I try and keep it pretty basic, but clothes somehow keep accumulating in my closet. While traveling I’d say my packing cubes are essential, I use them to sort out different clothing items and they keep me organized. Other must haves in Australia are definitely sunscreen and bug spray. For clothes, I usually pack pretty basic tops and shorts that can go with each other so I can mix it up and not get bored of the outfits I have on my trip. Also, if you’re traveling with friends that adds TONS of clothing options to pick from. 

Some Challenges

Obviously, it’s expensive, but that’s why they have the Working Holiday Visa. The visa gives you working rights to help fund your travels while in Australia. Right now, a big preventative is COVID-19 also. You can travel within Australia but sometimes states' borders close overnight, ruining your plans. You have to be flexible right now but everything always seems to work out. 

My Favourite Memory So Far

My best memory would probably be the 3 weeks I took to drive a campervan down the East Coast from Daintree Rainforest to Byron Bay. There’s a lot of beautiful places to experience on that route and I’m really happy I was able to do it. That road trip kind of ignited another ‘travel bug’ within me to want to save up and go to the west coast and see the quieter and wilder side of Oz!

My Advice To Travellers Headed To Australia

Budget tips would definitely be working for accommodation if you’re planning on staying somewhere for a few weeks. Cooking your own food and utilizing Op Shops / Charity Shops are great ways to save. 

Also, just be willing to pick up work where you can, every bit counts! I’ve worked so many odd jobs to keep me traveling and they’ve all turned into great experiences and stories. 

Safety wise - while in Australia be mindful of signs warning you about the nature around you. There’s a ton of things that can harm or kill you like jelly fish or crocodiles that could be in the water. But Australia is usually pretty spot on with warning signs and help if you need it. 

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