9 Days On The Ring Road With Mandy
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9th Dec | 3 min read

Mandy loves interior design and she’s addicted to traveling. On her blog, Travellinginteriordesigner, she combines these two passions and inspires her readers with travel tips, living trends, and interior inspiration that you can get from other cultures. You can follow her adventures on Instagram as well.

Mandy recently took a trip to Iceland and she traveled the Ring Road. This is how her trip went.

Inspiration For The Ring Road

I saw some amazing pictures online so me and my boyfriend really wanted to go. When we told some friends about it, they wanted to come so we booked as soon as possible after that!

Planning For The Trip

We booked everything a couple of months before we left. We booked the visit to the blue lagoon, the rental car, the flights, and a couple of overnight stays. Some of the overnights stay we booked just the night before when we were in Iceland already.

What I Packed

Warm clothes! The wind in Iceland can be cold in October. Definitely bring a rain jacket and a warm cap to protect your ears from the cold. We also packed some basic food because groceries are expensive in Iceland. 

Ring Road Itinerary

We started at the blue lagoon and did the Ring Road counterclockwise. We booked our overnight stays as close to the Ring Road as possible. For the last 2 days, we stayed in the Golden Circle.

Duration Of The Trip

We did the whole Ring Road in 9 days. I recommend taking a little more time because in 9 days you cannot stop everywhere that you would like to. I think 12 days would be the perfect amount of time for the whole Ring Road and the Golden Circle.

We Met Friendly Locals

Because we had our own car and were travelling with friends we did not meet other travelers. The locals we met in the homestays were amiable and sometimes they made us some snacks (like popcorn) when we were playing cards in the living room, so nice!

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!

My Favourite Food Items

I loved the Skyr ( sort of yogurt) for breakfast that you can buy in the supermarkets. During the road trip you have to stop at gas stations to try a hotdog. They are really cheap (for Iceland standards) and pretty good. 

Favourite Memory

I loved to travel with friends in our own (rental) car. The freedom you feel is amazing. The landscape of Iceland is one of the most pretty landscapes in the world so just to drive through that and chat with friends is a memory for life. 

How We Kept Costs Low

Iceland is expensive but you can definitely manage that. We stayed in places with our own kitchen so we cooked our own food. And if you don't drink alcohol you save a lot of money as well! The best thing about Iceland is the one thing you visit the country for is free: the beautiful landscape, waterfalls and nature. 

Recommendations For Sights And Hikes That You Cannot Miss

We loved the hike we did at the Skogafoss waterfall. You can take the stairs to the top of the waterfall and walk around the river. When we did that, there where no other people and the view you have on the ring road and the ocean is really beautiful. 

Would I Do The Ring Road Again?

Absolutely, it's the most amazing road trip I ever did. But I would also love to see other parts of Iceland as well. So if we go back I think we will visit the north-west. I would love to go in the winter when the whole country is covered in snow.

Advice To Other Travelers Doing The Ring Road

Take your time and do the whole Ring Road. A lot of people stop at Gletsjer Lake Jökulsárlón and go back to the Golden Circle. That's the most important reason to take the whole Ring Road, you won't see a lot of other people and that makes the experience extra special. 

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!