Tasmania Road Trip 12 Day Itinerary
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8th Dec | 13 min read

Table of Contents

    Tasmania doesn't just surprise you with the vast amount of tourist spots it has to offer, but also leaves you in awe with every curve on your path with picture-postcard views of landscapes, beautiful beaches, and wildlife. If you’re a foodie, then be prepared to fall in love with the mouthwatering cheeses, fresh fruits, and delicious seafood you’ll come across on this island. Whether it's surfing, swimming, and snorkeling at Binalong Bay Beach, posing for pictures at Bridestowe Lavender Estate, chasing waterfalls at the various National Parks here, or traveling back in time at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and Port Arthur, the Tasmanian road trip is definitely an experience! 

    In this Itinerary, we will cover all of Tasmania in just 12 days! 

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    Day 1: Launceston

    Launceston happens to be one of Australia’s oldest cities and is home to some of Australia’s most elegant Colonial and Victorian architecture and century-old parks. Start the day early so that you have the entire day to explore this gem of a city!

    Things to do:

    • Head to Cataract Gorge which is only a 15-minute walk from the center of Launceston. According to discovertasmania.com, Cataract Gorge can be considered one of Australia’s most attractive urban reserves with a kiosk, a restaurant, and swimming pool, rolling lawns, and a rotunda, a footbridge, and a chairlift across the river, as well as peacocks and wallabies at dusk. The entrance is free. 

    • Visit the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery to indulge in some arts and culture. Some of the iconic items of this museum include the Australasian League flag, the first flag to feature the southern cross in its natural formation, and the 1923 Alfa Romeo RLS Sport motor car, owned by Launceston businessman, Gordon Fysh. 

    Other Attractions:

    • Cataract Gorge Reserve

    • City Park

    • James Boag Brewery Experience

    • Queen Victoria Museum

    • Tamar Island Wetland

    What to Eat:

    • Mudbar Restaurant

    • Cataract on Paterson

    • The Metz

    • Brisbane Street Bistro

    • Novaro's Restaurant

    Where to Stay:

    • Arthouse Hostel

    • Hideaway On George

    • Launceston Backpackers

    • The Cornwall Historic Hotel

    • Launceston Holiday Park

      Day 2: Bridport

      Drive time: About 1 hour

      Distance: 77.4 km

      Start early on Day 2 and start your drive to Bay of Fires.

      Things to do:

      • Stop at Pipers Brook Vineyard on the way to Bridport from Launceston and taste award-winning wines. Continue your drive to Bridport and head to Bridestowe Lavender Estate. 
      • Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a beautiful place to visit during the flowering season.  

      • Scroll through the lavender fields and indulge in some mouth-watering lavender pancakes, scones, and lavender ice cream.

      • Skip this stop if you’re not visiting during the flowering season

      • The peak flowering season is from December to February and the best time to visit would be from mid-December to mid-January.

      Other Attractions:

      • Bridport Walking Track

      • Mermaid Pool

      • Barnbougle Dunes

      • Lost Farm Barnbougle Golf Course

      • Flinders Island Aviation

      Where to Eat:

      • Stoney's Take Away

      • The Tuscon Fox Woodfire Pizzeria

      • Casa Pinocchio

      • SUN WAH

      • The Bridport Cafe

      Where to Stay:

      • Antalya

      • Bridairre Accommodations

      • Bridport YHA

      • Platypus Park Country Retreat

      • Belle Cottage

      Day 3: Bay of Fires

      Drive time: About 2 hours

      Distance: 144 km

      The Bay of Fires stretches over 50 kilometers from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north. The fiery orange rocks at this white sandy beach with crystal clear water, surrounded by dark green forests will definitely catch your eyes. Binalong Bay is the area’s main beach, and if swimming, surfing, and snorkeling interests you, then you will surely love this place! 

      Things to do:

      • Have a BBQ at the beach or just relax and watch the sunset while enjoying your beer.

      • Surf, swim, or snorkel at Binalong Bay

      • Go for a drive along Gardens Road from Binalong Bay, and spot Jeanneret Beach, Round Hill, Swimcart Beach, Sloop Reef, and Seaton Cove, and Cosy Corner along the way. You might also spot some secluded coves in between the boulders. 

      • Head to Grants Lagoon, which lies right behind Binalong Bay Beach. There are some nice walking tracks here which you can explore. 

      • Check out the old stone lighthouse at Eddystone Point, which is only an hour away from Binalong Bay Beach by car. 

      Other Attractions:

      • Binalong Bay

      • Eddystone Point

      • Ansons Bay

      • Mount William National Park

      • Mount Pearson Reserve

      Where to Eat:

      • Meresta Eatery

      • Furneaux Restaurant

      • Skippers

      • The Bays Kitchen

      • Bay Bar and Bistro

      Where to Stay:

      • Bay of Fires Lodge

      • The Cove Bay of Fires

      • Comfort Hotel Bayside

      • Pelican Point Sanctuary

      • Whalers Watch Bed and Breakfast

      Spend the night here and head to Coles Bay in the morning. 

      Day 4 & 5: Coles Bay (Freycinet National Park)

      Drive time: 1 hr 40 min

      Distance: 125 km

      Head to Coles Bay today where we will cover the famous Wineglass Bay, watch sea mammals and visit the Freycinet National Park. 

      • Stop at Bicheno on your way, which is a town famous for The Blowhole. The Blowhole is made of granite and you can see seawater shooting up high above the rocks from the hole when the sea waves come crashing in. You need to be careful though, as it can also blow with great force.

      • A few minutes away from the blowhole is The Whalers Lookout Scenic Reserve. You can spot cute sea mammals swimming along the coastline from here. 

      • Arrive at the Freycinet National Park, which is one of the top attractions of Tasmania’s east coast. It is home to the famous Wineglass Bay, which is considered to be one of the world’s best beaches by many. 

      Spend the rest of the day eating and relaxing or exploring nearby attractions since you will have to walk a lot tomorrow and can use the rest. 

      Start early on Day 5 to beat the crowds and arrive for sunrise. Wear shoes that you will be comfortable hiking and walking in, and don’t forget your water bottle, since we have a lot of activities planned for today! 

      Things to note before you go: 

      • Please note that drinking water is scarce in the National Park. Refill your water bottles from the visitor center’s filtered/chilled water station. Taps are also located at Honeymoon Bay and the Wineglass Bay walking track's car parking.

      • Electric barbecues, picnic tables, and toilets are located at Honeymoon Bay and Ranger Creek.

      • Freycinet National Park is a Fuel Stove Only Area. Fires are strictly forbidden.

      • Drones are not permitted to be used within the National Park or surrounding reserves.

      Things to do at Freycinet National Park:

      • Before you start, keep in mind that there are entry fees for vehicles and individuals which you have to pay at this park. You can find more information about passes and costs here.

      • You can find information about hiking and other activities at the information center at the entrance to the park. 

      • For all the highlights in one go, walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout which is around 45 minutes of uphill walking. Once you make it to the lookout, be prepared to be awestruck when you get that picturesque view over the Bay.

      • Watch the sunset over coles bay. Sit on some rocks here with a view towards The Hazards mountain ranges and lose yourself in the beautiful pink hues of the sky and the mountains.

      • Drive out to Cape Tourville and walk around the lighthouse for some spectacular coastal views of waves crashing on the rocks below, silencing your inner thoughts. All fitness levels are welcome here. 

      • Go kayaking and spot dolphins and sea birds.

      • Go for a cruise. Wineglass Bay Cruises is a 4½ hour cruise of the waterways surrounding Freycinet National Park from Coles Bay to Wineglass Bay on Tasmania's East Coast.

      Other Attractions:

      • Wineglass Bay Cruises

      • Oyster Bay Tours

      • Freycinet Marine Farm

      • Freycinet Experience Walk

      • Coles Bay

      Where to Eat:

      • Devil's Corner

      • The Edge Restaurant

      • Tellers Gallery

      • lluka Tavern

      • Melshell Oyster Shack

      Where to Stay:

      • Eagles Peak At Freycinet

      • Freycinet Lodge

      • Saffire Freycinet

      • Piermont Retreat

      • Swansea Ocean Villas

      Day 6 & 7: Hobart

      Drive time: 2 hr 20 min 

      Distance: 184 km

      Hobart, the capital of Tasmania is a city bustling with life. What was once a penal colony, is now a top tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world to check out its rich history and culture. The architecture, museums, and galleries built by the convicts add to the city’s attractiveness. This lively city with delicious seafood and a beautiful harbor lies at the foot of Mount Wellington along the estuary of the Derwent River. 

      Things to do:

      Day 6: 

      • Start your day with a stroll along Hobart’s waterfront and stop at the Salamanca Place, where you can spend your time experiencing different galleries, boutiques, theatres, and restaurants. On Saturdays, you can visit the Salamanca Market, where over 300 stallholders representing artisans, designers, and producers sell fresh local produce, handmade arts, crafts, and antiques. 

      • Visit MONA: Museum of Old and New Art. MONA is located on a private island owned by David Walsh, an ex-professional gambler and art collector. The Mona ferry departs from Brooke Street Pier and takes around 25 minutes.  MONA is famous for its incredible exhibitions of different kinds of contemporary and traditional art. You will also find the Source Restaurant, several bars, a cafe, a winery, and MONA’s own accommodation here. 

      Day 7:

      Wake up early, have breakfast, and head to Mount Wellington today to witness the breathtaking view from the Summit of Kunanyi / Mount Wellington. There is a narrow 21 km road that leads right to the top of the mountain (about a 30-minute drive), which rewards you with a view of the city, Bruny Island, the Tasman Peninsula, miles of luscious greenery, mountain ranges, and an aerial view of the Derwent River. Remember to layer up as it can be pretty cold at the top of the mountain. 

      Head to Bruny Island from here and spend the rest of the day there.

      Drive time: Around 2 hours

      Distance: 89.1 km

      Bruny Island has some excellent mouthwatering local produce such as wine, cheese, truffles, berries, and fresh oysters. Not only that, but you can also catch glimpses of seals, penguins, wallabies, and other wildlife here. 

      Some of the highlights at Bruny Island include:  

      • East Cloudy Head

      • Cloudy Bay Lagoon

      • Labillardiere Peninsula

      • Cape Queen Elizabeth

      You can find more information about things to do and other attractions here.  

      Other Attractions in Hobart:

      • Royal Tasmanian Gardens

      • St David's Park

      • Hobart and Beyond

      • Salamanca Market

      • Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

      Where to Eat:

      • Templo

      • Peacock and Jones

      • Fico

      • Devil's Kitchen Cafe

      • Syra

      Where to Stay:

      • Backpackers Imperial Hotel

      • Hobart Central YNA

      • The Brunswick Hotel

      • The Pickled Frog

      • Welcome Stranger Hotel

      Day 8: Queenstown

      Drive time: 26 min

      Distance: 17.2 km

      Tasmania's mining history brings eager tourists to this destination from different parts of the world.  

      Things to do:

      • Once here, you can take an underground mine tour through the local history museum to get an insight into history. 

      • Head to Nelson Falls Nature Trail. The 30 minutes walk to the falls through the rainforest that dates back to the Gondwana era helps you reconnect with nature and can be very refreshing.  

      • You will need a pass to enter Tasmania’s national parks. Passes can be purchased online or from most tourist information centers. 

      • Take a ride at the majestic steam train at West Coast Wilderness Railway and drool over the spectacular views on the way as this steam-powered train takes you on a 30-kilometer track up to Strahan.

      Other Attractions:

      • West Coast Wilderness Railway

      • Montezuma Falls

      • Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

      • Lake Burbury

      • Mount Owen

      Where to Eat:

      • Tracks Cafe

      • Smelters Restaurant

      • Delish Pizzeria

      • Comfort Inn Gold Rush

      • Cafe 520

      Where to Stay:

      • Railway Hotel Queenstown

      • Empire Hotel

      • Mountain View Motel Queenstown

      • Strahan Bungalows

      • Marsden Court

      Day 9: Strahan

      Drive time: 42 min

      Distance: 41.6 km

      Strahan is a gorgeous little town enclosed to Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area overlooking the Macquarie Harbour. 

      Things To Do:

      • Gordon River Cruise: The spectacular views of the surrounding on this cruise will take your breath away. On the way, salmon and trout farms are options that can be explored where you can experience the entire process of what is required to be done in order to get a salmon prepared, starting from the harbor to the plate. 

      • The cruise also gives you a chance to see two of the area’s main attractions, which would otherwise not be possible: the convict heritage sites on Sarah Island and the Gordon River. Be prepared to start early for this cruise as both tours start early in the morning and finish in the early afternoon. You don’t have to worry about lunch as it is served on board. 
      • Visit Water Tower Hill: For an aerial view of Strahan, you can head up to Water Tower Hill by going uphill on Esk Street from the Esplanade.
      • An amazing opportunity to embrace nature in Strahan is to take the short walk to Hogarth Falls. During the walk, an impeccable portion of the forest crafted with loads of leatherwoods, sassafras, and myrtle trees offer a different kind of serenity. Remember to look out for platypuses living in the creek that may show up.

      Other Attractions: 

      • Hogarth Falls

      • Gordon River Cruises

      • The Ship That Never Was

      • Henty Dunes

      • Strahan Retreat Holiday Park

      Where to Eat:

      • Bushman's Strahan

      • Molly's Takeaway Cafe

      • Banjo's Bakery Cafe

      • View 42 Restaurant and Cafe

      • Strahan Waterfront

      Where to Stay:

      • Strahan Village

      • Driftwood Strahan Villas

      • Sharonlee Strahan Villas

      • Kitty's Place

      • Motel Strahan

      Day 10: Cradle Mountain

      Drive time: 1h 46 min

      Distance: 138 km

      Cradle Mountain National Park is every hiker’s paradise, no matter what the fitness level might be. 

      Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is home to:

      • Australia’s deepest glacial lake, Lake St Clair, which is fringed by forests, mountains, and walking trails

      • Australia’s only deciduous tree, the Fagus (Nothofagus gunnii) which turns the hillsides to burnished red and gold from late April to May 

      • Australia’s deepest gorge, Fury Gorge 

      • Tasmania’s tallest mountain (Mt Ossa; 1617m), which rises from the plains at the center of the park.

      Things to do:

      • The Enchanted Walk

      • Horse Riding

      • Go for a walk at Dove Lake Circuit. You can have a picnic here and enjoy the forest, birds and the beautiful waterfall nearby.  

      • Climb to Marion’s Lookout and catch glimpses of hidden lakes and beautiful green forests along the way.

      • Launch yourself off waterfalls, abseil down cliffs and shoot through nature's waterslides at Cradle Mountain Canyons

      • Please remember that you will require a Tasmanian national parks pass to enter the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

      Other Attractions: 

      • Dove River Conservation Area

      • Cradle Mountain Summit

      • Maggs Mountain Forest Reserve

      • Lake Saint Clair National Park

      • Marion's Lookout

      Where to Eat:

      • Highland Restaurant

      • Hellyers Restaurant

      • Altitude Restaurant + Lounge Bar

      • Tavern Bar and Bistro

      • Cradle Forest Inn

      Where to Stay:

      • Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

      • Cradle Mount Wilderness Village

      • Cradle Mountain Hotel

      • Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages

      • Waldheim Cabins 

      Day 11: Sheffield

      Drive time: 50mins 

      Distance: 53.5 km

      Sheffield, shadowed by Mount Rolan, is a friendly rural town covered in beautiful murals. Located in the center of Sheffield is the beautiful Mural Park, which is the venue for International Mural Fest each year.

      Things to do:

      • Visit Sheffield's Mural House to see more murals. Every building front in this pretty little town is decorated with colorful paintings, and you can spot beautiful unique letterboxes as you stroll through town.

      • Sheffield also attracts nature lovers. Mount Roland and its nearby conservation area and Lake Barrington impress tourists who want to lose themselves in the midst of nature. The 7,600-hectare range consists of bush walks. If you can make it to the mountaintop, you can get a view of Bass Street, Cradle Mountain, and Barn Bluff.

      • Rowing, waterskiing, canoeing, and fishing are also popular at Lake Barrington. You can find a visitor facility, picnic sites, boat ramps, and public toilets along with two water skiing clubs at the lake. 

      Other Attractions: 

      • Kimberley's Lookout

      • Kentish Museum

      • Albert Gallery

      • The Emporium

      • Mural Park

      Where to Eat:

      • Basilico

      • Mountain Mumma

      • Bossimis Sheffield Bakehouse

      • Moo Choo

      • Seven Sheds Brewery

      Where to Stay:

      • Sheffield Motor Inn

      • Kentish Hills Retreat

      • AAA Granary Accommodation

      • Glencoe Country Bed and Breakfast

      • Compass Hutt

      Day 12: Launceston

      Drive time: 1h 4min

      Distance: 88 km

      Head back to Launceston on day 12. Explore some of the other attractions we listed under Day 1 or end your trip here and continue on your next adventure! 

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