Three Weeks On The Ring Road With Ariane
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15th Jul | 4 min read

Ariane (@besondersschwierigdoes public relations and scientific journalism for the International Association of Anthroposophical Medicine in Switzerland. She loves taking pictures and walking with her huge dog.

Inspiration For Traveling To Iceland

Iceland's nature is one of the wildest and most pristine in Europe. I really wanted to see that with my own eyes. And nowhere else on our continent is there such active volcanic activity. That fascinated me completely. I also studied German. The Old High German language and Icelandic have a lot in common, so that I was able to read Icelandic to some extent. Many of the old German heroic songs go back to the "Edda", a medieval heroic epic that was written down in Iceland. So I also visited many muses during my journey. Since I am interested in history.

How We Planned For The Trip

There are incredibly many ways to travel through Iceland. You can rent a van and stay overnight at one of the many campsites or even camp. There is something for all budgets. There are also bed camps, which are very cheap and can be booked spontaneously on the same day. Meanwhile there are also many offers for holiday flats. However, there is traditionally no cleaning service in these flats, you have to clean everything yourself before departure, which takes a lot of time that not everyone has.

I myself had a jeep, so that I could also drive into the highlands. 4 months before the trip I took the map and thought of an itinerary. Then I looked for guesthouses in the respective towns and booked them. So I didn't have to look for accommodation spontaneously and could travel relaxed. The Icelanders are very hospitable and make great food.

How To Pack For Iceland

You should definitely take a warm and above all WIND-DENSITY and RAIN-FIRM jacket with you. It can get very cold and the wind will make you cool down. Sturdy hiking boots are a must, as you can injure your ankles in volcanic landscapes. There are sharp stones and edges everywhere. That is why shoes that go over the ankle are important. If you have food allergies, it is important to find out if you can buy allergy products in the country before you travel. You should stock up on such food in Reykjavik before you drive the Ring Road.

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Length Of Our Ring Road Trip

We wanted to circle all of Iceland and see a part of the Westfjords. Therefore, we drove the whole Ring Road. We were on the road for three weeks. The Ring Road can also be done in 14 days, but then you have to do a lot of travelling per day.

We Met Many Friendly People

We met many travellers every day while hiking and in the evenings in their accommodation. There were people from all continents on the way, so that one could have many great conversations. Also the Icelanders are sociable and talkative, so you can ask a lot of questions, also where the best hiking trails are etc.

One Food Item That You Can’t Miss Out On

You must try the Icelandic volcanic bread. This is made for 12 hours and tastes very special, but also very tasty.

Favourite Memory From The Trip

All my memories are beautiful. But I especially liked the glacier grottoes and the wild Westfjords. Also the volcanic regions are breathtaking. The smell of sulphur, however, takes a lot of getting used to. By the way, there is also a lot of sulphur in the tap water, sulphur is excellent for the skin. After a few days my skin has become very soft and beautiful.

How We Saved Money

Since I live in Switzerland, Icelandic prices are no more expensive for me than at home. So I had no problems with my travel budget. But there are also opportunities for people who don't have that much money. You can buy food in the supermarket and prepare it yourself with the camping cooker. There are also cheap beds for little money, which you should look for and book when planning your trip.

Hikes And Sights Not To Be Missed on The Ring Road

In Iceland everything is worth seeing. But especially "Jökulsarlón", the biggest glacial lake in Iceland, is worth seeing. There big blocks of ice are washed into the sea, which are then washed back onto the beach. Then the ice blocks lie on the black volcanic sand. That is breathtaking. Also you must not miss the volcanic lake "Víti".

Suggestions For Ring Road First Timers

Travellers should think carefully in advance about how much time and money they want to spend on the trip. There are many places that will organise personalised trips for you, sometimes it is cheaper than booking everything yourself. The easiest way is to book a van and pack a tent, then you are completely free and independent. But you have to be resistant to the cold, especially at night it gets very cold. You should not camp without warm trekking clothes. 

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