10 Best Co-Working Spaces for Digital Nomads in Hanoi: An Overview.
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23rd Mar | 13 min read

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    The co-working space you choose as a digital nomad can have a significant impact on both your work and lifestyle. Hanoi, the lively capital of Vietnam, is no exception. The increase in Hanoi's co-working spaces designed to house independent and remote workers means that anyone in the city can find a co-working space near their neighborhood, whether they prefer stylish, contemporary settings with cutting-edge technology or charming, artistic settings that foster creativity. This post will cover the top ten co-working spaces in Hanoi for digital nomads. You'll discover the perfect workspace to suit your needs and advance your objectives whether you're a remote worker, an independent contractor, or a business owner. We'll help you find the perfect co-working space in Hanoi as soon as possible.

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    Why Should You Use A Co-Working Space In Hanoi?

    Networking possibilities: Co-working spaces give you the chance to meet and work with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds, which can open up new possibilities and promote professional development.

    Increase in productivity: A co-working space can increase your motivation and creativity because of its emphasis on work and productivity.

    Access to resources: There are many co-working spaces in Hanoi that provide a range of tools to support your work, including high-speed Wi-Fi, printing and scanning services, meeting rooms, and even events and workshops. 

    Flexibility: With co-working spaces, you can work from any location in the city and select the area that best suits your requirements and financial situation. Renting a private office space can be pricey, but co-working spaces provide a more cost-effective option with flexible payment options.

    All in all, co-working spaces in Hanoi provide a vibrant and accommodating environment for digital nomads and remote workers, offering chances for career advancement, increased productivity, and financial savings.

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    10 Best Co-Working Spaces In Hanoi


    Value-added services are highly prioritized by the Toong chain of coworking spaces in Vietnam. This coworking network, which has five locations in Hanoi, is renowned for combining elements of an office, a café, and a home to create an exceptional club environment. In addition to high-end amenities like high-speed internet, a business lounge, a conference room, a meeting room, and more, Toong offers a variety of services like dedicated and flexible desks, virtual offices, and other choices. Moreover, it serves as a hub for forward-thinking multicultural communities. Toong offers a beautiful and welcoming environment in a French-style villa with a clubhouse-like atmosphere, complete with a meditation room, game room, lounge, bar, art gallery, library, and free lockers. The location's tagline is "truly a co-working space for creators." The business offers a helpful mail handling service, a receptionist, free coffee and tea, and a designated smoking area in order to give its customers the best experience possible.


    Trang Thi: 3-4th Floor, 8 Trang Thi, Hanoi

    Embassy: 4th Floor, N01-T4 Building, Diplomatic Corp. Township, Do Nhuan str., Bac Tu Liem dist., Hanoi

    Hoang Dao Thuy: Floor 2, Building 25T2, Hoang Dao Thuy Str., Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi

    Dien Bien Phu: 9th - 10th Floor, 05 Dien Bien Phu, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

    IPH: 3rd Floor, Indochina Plaza Hanoi, 241 Xuan Thuy str., Cau Giay dist., Hanoi


    Hot Desk: From ₫1,900,000

    Event Venue: From ₫1,200,000

    Meeting Room: From ₫800,000 



    The Vuon

    The Vuon co-working space in Hanoi provides a polished and contemporary work environment that not only improves your productivity but also fosters relationships within the community. The Vuon offers a youthful and dynamic atmosphere that distinguishes it from other workspaces with its cool color scheme and wall art. With a 200-person capacity, the roomy venue is ideal for seminars, chats, and other events. The Vuon radiates comfort, lightness, and freshness with its opulent garden office design, which includes lush gardens and massive wood panels. Its distinctive design extends to the East and West Gardens, giving each a tranquil, oriental feel while giving the other a contemporary, vibrant vibe. You can be sure that working in this unusual space will increase your productivity and spark your creativity.


    D2 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi


    Not disclosed



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    Hanoi Hub

    Hanoi Hub is a cutting-edge co-working space created for small teams of creative people. It offers an inviting setting for networking and idea sharing for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, with a capacity for up to 10 people per shared office space. The workspace is divided into several areas, all of which are intended to enhance both physical and mental working abilities. These areas include a library, meeting rooms, printers, scanners, and copiers, PCs, and a relaxing chill room with a green garden. The co-working space has lightning-fast Wi-Fi, lockers for personal items, and memberships ranging from Hub Surfer to Hub VIP that offer various hours and seating configurations for the best collaboration and privacy. Along with free-flowing coffee and tea to keep your brain hydrated, the co-working space also has a cafe, a balcony for smokers, a gallery of books and comics for entertainment. HanoiHub is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a private and productive workspace in Hanoi because of its vibrant atmosphere and expert services.


    Address: 2nd Floor, 59/2 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam


    Individual Package: ₫80,000

    Meeting Room: ₫150,000/1 hour/6 people




    With offices in nine key locations throughout the city, including convenient locations close to foreign embassies and government buildings, Regus co-working space in Hanoi offers a vibrant and professional environment for young professionals working in government or business. The coworking area is accessible around-the-clock, has a terrace, and has a lively, contemporary vibe. You can access a network of international business lounges by becoming a member. Through open-plan workspaces, designated desks in shared offices, break-out areas, and networking events, the space promotes collaboration and growth. You can work with like-minded professionals and grow your business whether you hot-desk or reserve a dedicated desk.


    Sentinel Place: Level 5 41A Ly Thai To Street Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, VNM

    Hanoi Tower: 49 Hai Ba Trung Level 13, Hanoi, VNM

    59A Ly Thai To Street: 4-6/F, 59A Ly Thai To Street Hoam Kiem District, Hanoi, Hà Nội, 100000, VNM

    Belvedere Building: 28A Tran Hung Dao street Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, VNM

    SD Building: No 06 Vu Duc Than street Viet Hung ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi, 100000, VNM

    New Era Building: 17 Nguyen Van Cu Street Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, 100000, VNM

    Daeha Business Centre: 16th floor, Daeha Business Centre 360 Kim Ma str. Ba Dinh dist, Hanoi, VNM

    Leadvisor Building: 643 Pham Van Dong Co Nhue 1, Hanoi, 100000, VNM

    Ha Dong Millenium Buidling: No 04 Quang Trung Street Yet Kieu Ward, Hanoi, 100000, VNM


    Sentinel Place:

    Office Space: From ₫8,690,000 per person per month

    Coworking: From ₫7,450,000 per person per month

    Virtual Offices: From ₫1,350,000 per month

    Meeting Rooms: From ₫550,000 per hour

    Hanoi Tower:

    Office Space: From ₫5,650,000 per person per month

    Coworking: From ₫5,550,000 per person per month

    Virtual Offices: From ₫890,000 per month

    Meeting Rooms: From ₫550,000 per hour

    59A Ly Thai To Street:

    Office Space: From ₫10,950,000 per person per month

    Coworking: From ₫8,590,000 per person per month

    Virtual Offices: From ₫1,350,000 per month

    Meeting Rooms: From ₫450,000 per hour

    Belvedere Building:

    Office Space: From ₫9,850,000 per person per month

    Coworking: From ₫8,590,000 per person per month

    Virtual Offices: From ₫1,390,000 per month

    Meeting Rooms: From ₫650,000 per hour

    SD Building:

    Rates not available

    New Era Building:

    Rates not available

    Daeha Business Centre:

    Office Space: From ₫7,590,000 per person per month

    Coworking: From ₫6,490,000 per person per month

    Virtual Offices: From ₫1,090,000 per month

    Meeting Rooms: From ₫550,000 per hour

    Leadvisor Building:

    Office Space: From ₫2,890,000 per person per month

    Coworking: From ₫2,750,000 per person per month

    Virtual Offices: From ₫1,350,000 per month

    Meeting Rooms: From ₫550,000 per hour

    Ha Dong Millennium Building:

    Rates not available



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    Spaces Belvedere

    In the center of the city's business district, Spaces Belvedere is a cutting-edge and inspiring business center. The area is surrounded by museums, green spaces, and the energetic Phan Chu Trinh district, making it perfect for independent contractors who have control over their schedule. Designer offices, meeting spaces, and co-working areas with high-speed internet and wonderful natural lighting are available on the 10 floors of the Art Deco-style building. Modern professionals can learn, network, and thrive in this space because of its blend of traditional and modern interior design. It's the ideal place to expand your business because the spaces are supported by a community of like-minded business owners and friendly staff. Take a stroll through one of the neighborhood's many parks if you need a break, or use the rooftop terrace for some fresh air and a view. The building is conveniently close to the Hanoi Railway Station, the 35 Trn Hng O Bus Station, and well-known sites like the Vietnamese Women's Museum and the Hanoi Police Museum. Spaces Belvedere is a full-service co-working environment that provides everything you need in a single, handy location.


    28A Tran Hung Dao street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam


    Office Space: ₫9490000 per person per month

    Coworking Membership: ₫5490000 per person, full month

    Dedicated Desk: ₫8090000 Per month

    Virtual Office: ₫1090000 Per month

    Meeting Rooms: ₫690000 Per Hour

    Website: https://www.spacesworks.com/hanoi/belvedere/

    Searer, S. (2019, November 1). SPACES Belvedere Coworking Offices - Hanoi | Office Snapshots. Office Snapshots. https://officesnapshots.com/2019/11/01/spaces-belvedere-coworking-offices-hanoi/


    Hanoi's Dreamplex is a co-working space created by a renowned Italian architect. With its large floor-to-ceiling windows, lovely plants, and entertaining open spaces, it provides a cozy and creative environment. Members have the freedom to select their preferred working environment in this 2,270-square-meter space, which has four floors of co-working space. Members are welcomed by a welcoming staff when they arrive, and they can start their day with a cup of coffee from the barista café. High-speed WiFi, phone booths, lounges, nap pods, vending machines, and unlimited coffee and tea are all featured at the location. Events and workshops can be held in the meeting rooms and event spaces. Additionally, there are restaurants and a supermarket in the building, and the busy neighborhood offers plenty of shopping options. The well-integrated technology makes it simple and practical to work in hybrid sessions. Dreamplex Thai Ha is the ideal location to expand your network and ideas because of the large, bright environment, cozy open spaces, and fun features.


    Level 5-6-9-10 174 Thai Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi


    Hot Desk: ₫150000 for 1 day, ₫600000 for 1 week, ₫2500000 for 1 month

    Dedicated Desk: ₫4000000 for 1 month

    Private Office: ₫6000000 for 1 month



    Dreamplex Thai Ha, Hanoi; Dreamplex (n.d.) Dreamplex. https://dreamplex.co/locations/hanoi/dong-da-district/thai-ha/


    Start-ups, medium-sized companies, and small businesses that want to make the most of shared space can take advantage of Tiktak co-working space's modern, professional, and creative workspace. It has a variety of amenities and services, including thoughtfully designed work spaces, conference rooms, eating areas, and entertainment options to help people unwind before tackling new projects. Three branches of Tiktak are situated in prominent areas with quick access to nearby amenities like banks, government offices, and shopping centers. Each branch has a distinct personality, with TikTak 1 having the largest floor area (nearly 2000 square meters) and a variety of room sizes, TikTak 2 offering offices designed in the European style with opulent furnishings and first-rate amenities, and TikTak 3 located where Asian and Western cultures converge. By making nearby services, like banks and administrative offices, easily accessible, the shared office system chain helps customers and partners reduce travel time and increase work efficiency.


    Tiktak 1: 5th Floor, Diamond Flower Tower, Hoang Dao Thuy, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

    Tiktak 2: 12th Floor, Hong Ha Center, 25 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

    Tiktak 3: 2nd Floor, Savina Building, 44 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi


    Hot Desk: ₫120000 for 1 day 

    Dedicated Desk: ₫1900000 for 1 month

    Private Office: ₫10000000 for 1 month



    eSpace Coworking

    In the center of Hanoi, the prestigious co-working space eSpace Coworking welcomes independent contractors, startups, and well-established corporations. The location serves as both a work area and a gathering place for anyone who wants to build their networks, exchange ideas, and meet others who share their interests. The convenient location of eSpace, which is close to Hoan Kiem Lake and is surrounded by office buildings, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, and street food vendors, makes it the perfect place for both work and leisure. The environment at eSpace is great for focus, creativity, and connection thanks to its contemporary design, friendly staff, and greenery. The thriving professional and entrepreneurial community at eSpace inspires people, broadens connections, and supports them in operating at their highest level. The on-site services and upbeat atmosphere give workers a sense of grounding and make work enjoyable. 


    No 1 Dinh Le - Level 3 Savina Building - Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam


    Hot Desk: ₫150000 for 1 day, ₫2000000 for 1 month

    Dedicated Desk:₫ 2000000 for 1 month

    Private Office: ₫10000000 for 1 month

    Virtual Office: ₫1500000 for 1 month



    Hanoi, E. C. (2021, June 5). Espace Coworking. Espace Coworking. http://espacework.com

    Hatch Nest

    Hatch Nest is a vibrant and creative workspace that attracts business owners, independent contractors, and startups. It is situated in Hanoi's cultural and historical district of Ba Dinh. A variety of workspaces are available at the facility, including an outdoor seating area, an open-plan co-working area with 30 to 40 designated seats, a quiet space for focused work, event and meeting spaces, and a main co-working area with dedicated seating. The location offers monthly events, on-site parking, rentable lockers, and shared memberships with the Hatch Nest 7 branch, which is smaller. It is regarded as Hanoi's hippest co-working space due to its ideal location in the middle of numerous monuments, botanical gardens, museums, cafes, and other interesting sights. The calm atmosphere of the space will be appreciated by digital nomads looking for a peaceful work environment.


    195 Doi Can, Hanoi, Vietnam


    Hot Desk: ₫150000 for 1 day, ₫15000000 for 1 month



    COGO Coworking Space

    COGO provides office space that meets international standards in a prime location. The building is conveniently close to numerous significant organizations, including the European Commission, US Embassy, Embassy of Japan, Van Phuc diplomatic area, Vietnam Television, and prestigious universities. It's located at the administrative gateway to the west of the capital. Additionally, there are connections to businesses, corporations, agencies, utilities, banks, five-star hotels, and shopping malls within a 5 km radius. With modern and trendy restaurants all around, the workspace in Viet Tower is ideal for entertaining clients or taking a break with coworkers.


    Level 16, No. 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh str. - Dong Da dist., Hanoi, Vietnam


    Hot Desk: ₫100000 for 1 day, ₫1600000 for 1 month

    Dedicated Desk: ₫2720000 for 1 month

    Private Office: ₫3800000 for 1 month



    Coworking space CoGo Viet Tower. (n.d.). Coworking Space CoGo Viet Tower. https://cogo.vn/en/en/viet-tower

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