The Best Destinations For the Ultimate 2 Week Trip To Costa Rica
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30th Jan | 4 min read

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    If you’re considering a trip to Costa Rica, you may be struggling to decide what spots are worth your attention. Two weeks may seem like a long time, but when you have the entirety of a country as diverse and beautiful as Costa Rica to explore, the time will likely go by in the blink of an eye. To make the most out of your trip to Costa Rica, consider visiting these incredible locations.

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    Puerto Viejo

    Puerto Viejo is a wonderful place that many travelers choose to visit when they come to Costa Rica. Located about four hours from San Jose, this beach town is a wonderful place to visit whether you are looking for an area to relax or a fun area with great nightlife. There are gorgeous beaches with snorkeling and surfing, and at night you’ll always find something going on. There are bikes for rent throughout the town that make it easier to get around without walking, driving, or taking a taxi.


    Tortuguero, which translates to “land of turtles,” is a beautiful coastal part of Costa Rica where many sea turtles create their nests, hence the name. The coast can be difficult to get to since you usually have to take the canals to get there as opposed to more usual forms of transport, but the beauty of the coast more than makes up for the journey. There is also a large national park in the area that offers a great chance to see beautiful wildlife and hiking trails.

    Arenal Volcano

    The Arenal Volcano has a spot on every Costa Rica travel guide for a reason -- it’s a beautiful volcano in a vibrant area. Aside from the volcano, which is currently considered to be inactive, there are other natural beauties around the volcano in Arenal, such as hiking trails, rivers perfect for rafting trips, and natural hot springs. It’s a great area to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica!

    Manuel Antonio

    As the top national park in the country, Manuel Antonio is a must-add stop for your Costa Rican vacation. This is a must-visit area between the beautiful beaches and wonderful hiking trails if you want to enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty. You can enjoy guided tours provided by the park, ziplining, and more in this beautiful park.


    Monteverde is another area that is very popular among travelers. The area is famous for its “cloud forest,” an effect created by the ever-present fog in the area due to the humidity in the air. This is also a great area to look at the natural wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer, like the rare quetzal birds that can sometimes be spotted in Monteverde. If birdwatching isn’t something you’re interested in, you can also enjoy guided tours, hiking, zip-lining, and more in this beautiful area.

    Santa Teresa

    The Nicoya Coast is an area famous for sleepy beach towns and great surfing, and Santa Teresa is no exception. This area is a perfect spot to stop by if you’re interested in a more relaxed atmosphere. There isn’t a lot of nightlife in this area since many people get up early to go surfing, but that leads to a more relaxed, carefree feeling. There are also hiking trails that you can take if you want a break from the beach! If you’re looking for a relaxed, surf-centered destination in Costa Rica, this is the place for you.

    San Jose

    San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, and it holds one of the larger airports in the country, meaning it’s likely that you would need to fly in and out of the SJO airport located just outside of the city itself. San Jose itself is a vibrant and diverse city with many things to do. Spending a day or two exploring this city before you dive into the natural beauty of the rest of the country is a great way to see the culture and the people of Costa Rica -- approximately one-third of the country’s residents live in the capital. You can choose from various shopping and dining options as well as more cultural activities like museums and theaters. If you want to experience some city life before exploring other areas of Costa Rica, San Jose is the place to go.

    Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit, and even if you only have a few weeks to explore this wonderful nation, you can experience its rich culture. Whether you want to visit Monteverde and explore the cloud forest or partake in the nightlife of Puerto Viejo, there’s something for everyone in Costa Rica. 

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