Sydney-Brisbane Road Trip

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
From Jun 28, 2019 to Jul 9, 2019
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I've been working in Sydney since January and I'm heading north to do my farm work so I can get my second year visa so I'll be driving from Sydney to Brisbane over 2 weeks starting at the end of June.

My plan is to stop at Nelson Bay, Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast and arriving in Brisbane on July 9th.

The nights will either be in hostels or sleeping in my car. I also have an spare tent as well which you are welcome to use if you want your own space at night.

Anyone who wants to come along is welcome and I'm open to ideas for other places to stop and have a few days flexibility with the dates if it suits you better.

I have space for 2  more people in the car (3 if you have your own camping gear as it might get a bit snug otherwise) and anyone else driving the same time wanting to convoy up together, let me know.

I live in Pymble but meetup point can be arranged somewhere easier if you're not nearby. Should be a fun trip :)

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Trip created by Jonathan
From Sydney, Australia ; 24 Years Old


I'm Jonny, 23 years old from Newcastle in England. I recently moved to Sydney on a working holiday. I'm gonna be doing a couple road trips (one up to Brisbane & a longer one from there, up to Darwin and down through the outback). I love the outdoors doing stuff lie hiking, climbing and camping. I also enjoy beach days doing snorkelling, body boarding... see more

Contact: 61 - XXX-XXX-XXXX

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From Melbourne ; 27 Years Old