self guided Icelandic Trip

Reykjavík, Austurland, Iceland
From Jan 17, 2024 to Jan 26, 2024

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I have a few must see places. I’ve rented a 4wd suv. I’m probably more inclined to stay in hostels or share hotels. I’m interested in the hostel aspect more to meet people who may want to travel together. I’m open to spending more on really spectacular stuff. I especially want to see the south and the west.

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From Spartanburg, SC, USA ;

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American but I grew up in the UK and Denmark. I’m just turned 50 but strong case of arrested development puts me on the early side of 40. I’m liberal ( if you’re American this is an imperative disclosure). I usually just visit places that are home but have always wanted to visit Iceland. I work for a British-based tech company. I enjoy big... see more
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