Road-trip around the island and northern lights

Golden Circle Iceland, Austurland, Iceland
From Feb 3, 2023 to Feb 13, 2023 (Flexible)

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Seeing the northern lights has been a dream of mine for a long time and I am making that dream come true next year. I am very introverted, but love adventure and often do short solo trips. However, I do wish I had someone by my side to share and talk about the experience. I would love to plan a trip with a chill individual or small group who are an openminded and ok with spontaneity. I am an INFJ if that tells you anything about my personality 😂. I’m chill but love adventure. I’m also a gay Hispanic cis male. My plan is to rent a camper van for two, myself and someone else, and drive around the island in February or March to catch the northern lights. 

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Trip created by Miguel
From Oklahoma City , United States ; 33 Years Old

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Introvert. INFJ. Chill dude here. 🏳️‍🌈. Hispanic 🇲🇽
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