Discovering Tasmania

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Mount Ossa (Tasmania), Tasmania, Australia
From Feb 2, 2019 to Feb 16, 2019 (Flexible)

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My Plan

I've always wanted to visit Tasmania, so Saturday I'm taking the ferry to Devonport with my car. Once there I will be going round to see and do many things including but not limited to: hiking Cradle Mountain, visit the infamous Mona museum, Camping, finding these so called Great Walls, stroll in Hobart and other villages, encounter some celestial wonders, swim in hidden lakes and secluded beaches and much more! Any suggestions are welcome of course, but I try to make a round trip. I have no solid plans yet, but I'll be going round for about two weeks. Also once there I will try to find some work (perhaps on a farm cause it's the season for apple's!) by going to ask at some farms. So if you want to find something too, we could both check it out. I don't have a return trip yet so I'm here indefinitely! So all will go about in an easy breezy road trip.

My car

My wheels is equipped with a rooftop tent for 2 persons. It also has cooking gear,  esky, water tanks, solar shower, etc; it has been my home since I arrived in Australia so everything I need :). I do want to share the fuel costs with you in exchange for the drive.. However because of the set up there is only space for one extra person to be my co-pilot.  I was planning on camping all/most of the time, since it's cheaper and I am short on nothing. Or we could join up cars and have a convoy, who knows!?

Me, Myself & I

I'm a 27 year old Dutch Dude, here on my WHV. However, I see myself as an internationalist, I love learning about new cultures, sciences, natures and much more! I have been described as a cool dude, a nerd, a puppy and a cave-man, in which all I take pride :D! Can be excited and active, down to chill, but also have my low en 'zone out' times. Not a fan of complainers and slackers… :). A bit idealistic, dreamer, explorer, autistic, weird, but all in all just a unique soul trying to survive in this cosmos!

If you think you can survive (with) me, feel free to hit me up :)!

04 44 544 507

fb: Ivo Meesters

Peace, Ivo

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From Melbourne Victoria, Australië ; 28 Years Old


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I want the world to keep amazing me! 27, Dutch. Free Thinker & Imaginative. Just a chill guy, mellow but passionate about many things that get me excited! Would love to share some adventures with like minded people! Currently in Australia on a WHV with my car, pondering about life I guess :).
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