San Francisco to Osaka to Tokyo

Osaka, Osaka, Japan
From Mar 20, 2020 to Apr 3, 2020

Trip Details

Looking to travel up Japan to catch the cherry blossom and visit as many cities via rail/bus. If anyone is interested in sharing a bit of the travel/accommodation costs and be adventurous and try something new then feel free to join me. I've never been to Japan and currently working on my Japanese for this trip. I'm easy going and always looking for hikes and treks to immerse myself in beautiful new cultures.

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Trip created by Danny
From San Francisco, CA, USA ; 37 Years Old


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Currently living in Oakland, CA but enjoy traveling to see nature and immerse myself in new cultures. I speak Spanish and English fluently and learning basic Japanese for a future 2020 Japan trip. Love to hike, bike & Kayak and if you’re into to those activities feel free to join me for new adventures.
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