Rendezvous in Jordan

Ottawa, Canada
Amman, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
From Dec 2, 2024 to Dec 11, 2024

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Hey there! 🌟

I'm planning an exhilarating trip to the stunning historical locales of Jordan and I’d love for you to join me. Imagine exploring breathtaking ancient cities carved from rose-colored stone and wandering through ruins that echo tales of old. It's not just a trip; it's a leap back through time!

We'll kick off our adventure in the mesmerizing city of Petra, known as the "Rose City" for its blush-colored cliffs. Picture us walking through the Siq to behold the majestic Al Khazneh, better known as the Treasury. It’s like stepping into a scene from Indiana Jones or an Arabian fairy tale!

Next, we'll head to Jerash, where the past comes alive among the best-preserved Roman ruins in the Middle East. Walking through the ancient colonnaded streets, we can almost hear the chariots and cheers of spectators in the Hippodrome.

Our journey will also take us to the mystical desert landscapes of Wadi Rum. We'll enjoy a sunset that bathes the sands in gold, turning the mountains into silhouettes against a dusky sky—perfect for those dreamy Instagram moments.

And what’s a visit to Jordan without floating in the Dead Sea? Let’s relax and chat as we float effortlessly in the salty waters, surrounded by dramatic landscapes that have witnessed the dawn of civilizations.

This trip is about more than just visiting breathtaking sites; it’s about making unforgettable memories together in a place where every corner holds a story. So, are you ready to create some magical moments with me?

Let’s embark on this adventure together! 💫

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