Journeying to Wellington (and around Wellington)

Trip Completed

Hamilton Airport (New Zealand), Waikato, New Zealand
From Jul 24, 2019 to Jul 29, 2019

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Hi! I'm taking a short trip to Wellington July 24-29 and am looking to meet some folks to explore the sights around the city. I'll be renting a car so I can drive to choice hiking, activity and exploring spots. Also open to exploring the city itself! Look forward to meeting you. 

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From Washington D.C., DC, USA ; 33 Years Old


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Hi, I'm a 32-year old Taiwanese-American person from Washington DC, USA. I like to think of myself as quite easygoing, and I enjoy experiencing the culture, art and history of new places and exploring cool and/or majestic nature spots. Looking forward to meeting you! I am a terrible cook.
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