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Vignemale (Spain), Zaragoza, Spain
From Aug 21, 2020 to Aug 30, 2020 (Flexible)

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About Spain 🇪🇸 it’s 8 days Road trip,

It’s 14 till 23 August 

Or 21 August till 30 August 

It’s more adventurous and fun trip,

To be honest I can’t say anything about expenses,

We can fly from Uk 🇬🇧 to Girona airport Costa brava then return Malaga airport or Lisbon airport depends where we finished our road trip journey then back fly to 🇬🇧 Uk, everybody buy own airplane ✈️ Tickits,

And during road trip journey if we do SKYDIVING 🪂, SCUBA 🤿 DIVING, or any big activities we can pay 💰 Own Tickits,

Otherthen all expenses we do together Like Food , Rental Car, Fuel ⛽️, Hotels if we required otherwise mostly we do camping 🏕 by the sea 🌊 it’s more adventurous and fun, we enjoy 😉 outdoor music, 

Dance 💃🏿, bonfire 🔥, and lot of things only we do in camping 🏕 

Big thing is our budget not going up, hoteling is more expensive In Spain 🇪🇸, so most probably we do camping 🏕,

So this all expenses we do together and divided in end of the trip,

I’m not sure 🤔 how much for one person but it’s roughly around £500 to £800 for one person maybe less maybe more,

We do better idea when we do final plan, but definitely we do this trip on our minimum budget,

We need to hire car from Costa brava Girons airport 

Then we can start our journey from Costa Brava then Barcelona for one Night doing night clubbing in Barcelona , Europe famous night clubs on beach 🏖 just only in Barcelona, then Salou then Castellon de la Plana then most famous city Valencia then Benidorm then famous city Alicante then Murcia then Almeria  then Malaga, 

If we have final destination Malaga then we return then car in Malaga airport then back fly to 🇬🇧 Uk, 

If we have plan to go covered all Portugal 🇵🇹 also

Then Malaga to Gibraltar 🇬🇮 then Spain’s favourite city Seville then we entered Portugal 🇵🇹 and next Portugal 🇵🇹 famous city Faro then Portugal 🇵🇹 famous city Albufaira, Albufaira famous city of water activities and big night clubs then Portugal 🇵🇹 famous city Lisbon, then towards Beautiful Portugal 🇵🇹 city Porto then back to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿,

Our all Spanish journey and our all Portgal’s journey this all journey we doing start till end all journey is beach roads and beach beach city’s, these all cities I written here all is on one line and all beaches city if u can check map, 

In this journey we covered all 90% of big Spain’s and Portugal 🇵🇹 cities just we are not covering one big Spain 🇪🇸 city of Madrid,

Otherwise if u can check spain 🇪🇸 start from Costa Brava finshed last city of spain Seville , all Spanish beach of covered in our trip, then Portugal 🇵🇹 start from Faro then Lisbon then Porto after Porto Purtgal is end so we covered all Portugal 🇵🇹 cities in our 8 day’s or 10 days trip,

Costa Brava till Malaga totel 1190 Km, 739Miles ,

Costa Brava to Albufaira till Lisbon Totel 2120 Km , 1317 Miles,

Costa Brava till Porto last city of Portugal 🇵🇹 it’s Totel 2450 Km

1522 Miles Totel for both countries beach city road trip,

It’s not to much for 8 day’s,

If we using moterways then we can save around 400 miles for both countries road trip, 

In Above map I mark all roads and cities including miles ,


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