An introduction to the wonders of GTNP & Possiby Yellowstone

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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, United States
From Aug 31, 2018 to Sep 2, 2018

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I bought a ticket on a whim due to a 4-day weekend off and a United travel voucher.  Solo traveling, as others are not so lucky.  I’m usually good with traveling and hiking solo, but safety in grizzly bear/wolf country kind of makes me want a partner (or group).  Plus, adventuring with other travelers is what makes solo travel fun.  Staying in Teton village (last minute, so no camping plans). 

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Trip created by Kayla
From Greenville, SC, USA ; 32 Years Old


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Hello! I’m Kayla from the Greenville, SC area. Lucky to live near the Blue Ridge mountains of the Carolinas/Georgia and have so many beautiful spots so close, but am always excited to see the rest of the country (and other countries). Solo traveler about 50% of the time, always love meeting new people.
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