A loop up to eastern Smoky mountains

Trip Completed

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, United States
From Dec 29, 2018 to Jan 1, 2019

Trip Details

 a three night loop for moderate to well seasoned hikers.

Day 1: 6 mi 1200 ft elev gain. Very easy walk along big Creek

Day 2: 11 mi. 3000 ft elev. Leaving the creek to do a section up on AT and staying at tri

corner knob shelter we will visit the old black/Mt Guyot balsam zone bear 6000 ft 

Day 3: 11.75 mi. Nearly level trail along balsam Mt and Mt Sterling ridge to the campsite at Mt Sterling. At 5800 ft if weather is intolerable we will descrnd alternate route to big Creek or stay at Laurel gap shelter 

 Day 4 is a 4000 ft descent to starting point along Baxter creek trail 

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Trip created by Brett
From Toledo, OH, USA ; 61 Years Old


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Usually week or less trips in mountains down south but I have been looking at wind River range also and Tetons
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