21 day trip through Japan

Tokyo, Kanto, Japan
From Mar 21, 2022 to Apr 14, 2022 (Flexible)

Trip Details

I've gotten it all planned out and was originally going to go with a coworker/friend but he may be dropping out. I've already booked my flight there and have hotels and things booked but looking to meet people and help split the load :) It's about 21-22 days and have us landing in Osaka where we'll be spending about 10 nights while osaka acts as a hub to kyoto and surrounding cities. I have us in Hiroshimia as well as Nikko, a 2 day stop in koyasan where we'll be spending two nights at a buddhist temple and then it's off to finish the trip in Tokyo.

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Trip created by Charles
From Fort Myers, FL, USA ; 27 Years Old


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I'm just starting my travel adventures. In the past I've traveled but it was while I was a child and had supervision and couldn't do anything on my own. I've been to Germany, Turkey and Mexico as well as various states.
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