The Top 7 Day Trips from Brisbane and How Much They Cost
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23rd Jul | 5 min read

Brisbane is a pretty amazing city to live in. But given the chance, who wouldn’t want to explore the gems surrounding this city? We’ve already told you about the Top Free Things to do in Brisbane and now we’re bringing you the many great locations for day trips from Brisbane. From beaches to wildlife and National Parks, we have gathered a list of destinations for day trips you wouldn’t want to miss!  If you’re traveling solo or looking to connect with travelers with the same itinerary, or just want locals to make your trip more lively, we at GAFFL are here to help. 

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The price estimate mentioned in this post does not include rental car fees and tolls. A Car Rental in Brisbane starts at around $40.00 per day.    

Day Trips From Brisbane: Noosa

Located on the Sunshine Coast, lies Noosa, a popular destination for a day trip from Brisbane. Whether you want to relax on the warm sands of the beach beside the clear blue water, surf, or experience the Aussie wildlife, Noosa provides it all. You can walk around Hastings Street, only five minutes away from the beach, and let cafes, boutiques, and galleries around the area mesmerize you. About a 15 minutes drive from Noosa is the Eumundi Markets, which is known to be Australia's largest arts and crafts market. You can shop around here for local goods or souvenirs. There is also a walking trail that leads to Noosa National Park, where you can find parrots, lace monitors, honeyeaters, cockatoos, gorgeous turkeys, and cute little koalas in nature amongst bushes and trees.


  • The quickest way to get from Brisbane to Noosa Heads is to drive which costs $17 - $25 in fuel and takes about 2 hours.
  • Noosa National Park is free to enter.

Day Trips From Brisbane: North Stradbroke Island

Also known as "Straddie" by the locals, the North Stradbroke Island is the second-largest sand island in the world, and home to three little townships called Point Lookout (caters to Surfers and sun lovers), Amity (for fishing lovers), and Dunwich (rich in history and culture). You can go deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, and surfing at this popular day-trip destination. Point lookout is the most popular among the three townships since it offers whale watching platforms, which are 35m above sea level and provide amazing views. From here, you can spot marine life and watch dolphins, sharks, whales, and other sea animals from May through October.  


  • Fuel will be between $11-13 to drive here.
  • The cost for a standard car on the vehicle ferry ranges from $60.00 to $102.00 each way.
  • The cost to travel as a passenger is only $16 return per adult. 

Day Trips From Brisbane: Moreton Island

If the thought of hand feeding dolphins, snorkeling, diving, and clear blue water excites you, then head to Moreton Island, the world’s third-largest Island, only 1h 27m away Brisbane by ferry and a popular location for a day trip from Brisbane. And why wouldn’t it be? You can go quad biking, sea kayaking, and fishing here and take advantage of the whale-watching cruises offered. About 98 percent of the island is protected as a national park. You can get views of the clear blue water from Cape Moreton Lighthouse and relax, as the island makes you forget about your stress and just unwind! 


  • Taking the ferry is the cheapest way to get from Brisbane to Moreton Island, which costs $65 - $120. 

Day Trips From Brisbane: Springbrook National Park

The Springbrook National Park provides a serene environment for those who want to have a picnic or just lose themselves in the glistening of the waterfalls at the park. Located about 30km from the Gold Coast and about 100km from Brisbane, the park provides walking tracks to meet your fitness needs, convenient picnic areas, and camping sites, and is home to over 100 species of birds. 

The park is also famous for its Glow Worms. Hundreds of people gather here at night to catch the beauty of the glow worms glowing in the night, providing an ethereal experience for its viewers. 


  • Camping:  Permit and advance booking required. The cost to rent an individual campsite is $20 per night and a group campsite is $30.
  • Fuel cost to drive from Brisbane is about $9 - $15.

Day Trips From Brisbane: Caloundra

Caloundra is home to several beautiful beaches and Golden Beach, Bulcock Beach, Kings Beach, Shelly Beach, and Moffat Beach are some of the main ones attracting tourists for day trips. Kings Beach provides BBQ facilities, picnic areas, and a seawater pool, which is free. It is known for the watersports opportunities it provides such as kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. There are various other activities and events taking place at Caloundra, such as The Caloundra Music Festival, which takes place in October at Kings Beach and attracts a large crowd. 


  • Fuel cost to drive from Brisbane is about $8 - $12.
  • $12 per kayak for an hour

Day Trips From Brisbane: Queen Mary Falls

The scenic drive from Brisbane to Queen Mary Falls is 2h 17m and an amazing destination for a day trip from Brisbane. Between October and November, you can witness The National Park transform into a magical forest, with fireflies and glow worms lighting up as the sun goes down, scattered around like sparkling fairy dust. 

The Queens Mary Falls falls under the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, which provides a home to and protects rare or threatened animals. The Queens Mary Falls is breathtaking indeed. Head to the falls during the late afternoon, when the sun's rays meet the water, creating a serene shimmering view, the best time to visit the fall. From ancient flowers to songbirds, the National Park is worth the visit. Even though driving there is the cheapest option, there are other modes of transportation available. 


  • Fuel cost to drive from Brisbane is about $13 - $20.

Day Trips From Brisbane: Brisbane Australia Zoo, Beerwah

The Brisbane Australia Zoo covers 110 acres of land and is home to a variety of adorable and exotic Australian animals such as Sumatran tigers, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, rhinos, kangaroos, giraffes, cockatoos, and koalas. It is about an hour's drive north of Brisbane and it is best to spend a full day here to experience all that the zoo has to offer. There are live shows hosted here every day, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Brisbane. Exotic birds, otters, and koalas take part in the show. Not only that, you can ride camels, hand-feed kangaroos, spend time with koalas, and ride camels here. It is known to be one of the most interactive zoos in Australia. 

To find out how to get there, click here


  • Fuel cost to drive from Brisbane is about $6 - $10.
  • General Admission is $59.00 for adults
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