Johnny Chen

Johnny is originally from the US and Canada and he grew up constantly moving and never spent more than 4 years in one place. Johnny never thought about this as a kid but looking back on it now, it really shaped his lifestyle and desires as an adult. Johnny is probably a little different than most travel bloggers. He didn’t just sell everything, pack his bags, and try to make a business of his blog as a way to travel the world, whereas he had a “traditional” job working in financial services in New York after graduating from University. In fact, he barely left the country until he was 25, like a typical “American”. When Johnny took his first trip to Thailand in 2011, the travel bug hit him hard and he traveled 90 countries 11 years later! Over the next 10 years, Johnny traveled as much as he could while working a full time job. He took a transfer to South Africa and lived in the Rainbow nation for two years. It was during these two years that his love for travel really started to blossom thanks to the insane vacation allotment he was given. Johnny visited almost every country in Eastern and Southern Africa and even took a 6 month break to visit beautiful places like Madagascar, Mozambique, gorilla trekking in the Congo and more.


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