Magical 8 Lake horse trek, Mongolia

Cologne, Germany
Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
From Jun 30, 2024 to Jul 9, 2024

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Hey Travel lovers

the journey will be a real adventure. Since I heard about Mongolia, I always had this dream in my mind to explore the vastness of this country on the back of a horse (even though I have literally 0 experience riding a horse :D). Im already in contact with a hostel owner in Ulanbataar to start organizing the journey. The core construct of the journey will be the following

- the horse trek will lead us into the 8 lake area, which offers exceptional views, a wide range of natural wonders. Just Google it and build your own opinion.
- I arrive on the 30.06.24 in Ulanbataar. So probably starting the horse trek on 01.07, Duration of trip 9 days, being back in UB at 09.07 or 10.07
- during that time the national festival nadaam takes places all over Mongolia. It's a huge event, providing beautiful cultural insights.
- we will sleep in provided tents. And if wanted also in in traditional mongolian gers of nomadic families. Getting a taste of the Mongolian culture and traditions is one of my priorities.
- costs: the owner provided me an overview of the costs. In my calculation I would spend something between 700 - 1150 Euros for the trip (flights not included), depending on how many travel buddies join me. Cause then it's possible to split some of the costs. For two travelers it would be approximately 880 Euros.

I would be happy to share the Mongolian experience with other travelers. If you are curious, and want to have more informations feel free to reach out to me.



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