Extended travel to Costa Rica and/or Panama

San José, Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica
From Mar 31, 2023 to Sep 1, 2023 (Flexible)

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I tend to hit a lot of locations - I tend to stay on the move, a couple of days in each, though I usually finish with a long stretch at the beach or otherwise low key and relaxing.  I went to Costa Rica for 3 weeks maybe 10 years ago and have always wanted to go back.  I haven't seen Panama and I've got the time, so why not?.  I haven't nailed down a time yet, but it won't be until late March at the earliest.  

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Trip created by Bobby
From Richmond, VA, USA ; 46 Years Old

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I have a sabbatical coming up at the beginning of 2023 - though if something comes up earlier, I can walk away from my job at any time. I'll be going across the country, but only a few spots picked out right now. Love the beach and music festivals. I'll be travelling to Australia and New Zealand for some backpacking, and maybe hit the Phillipines... see more
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