Exploring either Asia or South/Central America

Izola, Slovenia
Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam
3 more places
San José, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Lake Titicaca (Peru), Peru
Bali, Indonesia
From Jul 15, 2024 to Sep 30, 2024

Trip Details

Hi all :)

I have added a few destinations, because I am still deciding where to go (thinking about Vietnam, Bali, Costa Rica, Peru..).
I am also open for other suggestions :) I might only have 2-3 weeks now, and I can go already in July or later.

I am also keen to explore rock climbing areas around, do a lot of hiking, explore beaches, wildlife, nature :)

Let me know if you have any similar interests and maybe we can find a plan together 😊

Tina :)

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Trip created by Tina
From Izola, Slovenia ; 33 Years Old

Tina Bercic
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