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Paris, Paris, France
From Feb 8, 2021 to Feb 23, 2021

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On the 8th of February,we are going to the journey.This trip will last at least 2 weeks as we should all get the best of it and plan as much activities as we can to enjoy ourselves.On the first day we may just go around and get familiar with the environment before exploring.This will make everything easier as we will know where places are located.On the second day which will be the 9th of February we can visit the beach and take nice pictures all together,maybe if we decided to we can also go on shopping in the centre.On the 10th of February which is my Birthday I would like to book an hall where we can have fun and do plenty of things we would like.We can also go to the club and just have lots of fun.The next day the 11th we could just have a nice relaxed day as everyone may be tired from the party.The further days on the trip we can go around the city finding places to eat,visit,shop and have fun.We are going to be exploring nearly every day during the trip.It would be suitable if we get a villa because then we can have more freedom than booking an hotel and it's much nicer for the pictures.On Valentines day we may do something special for everyone depending on whether you want to if not it's ok.

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