2-4 month road trip to enjoy nature and life

West Coast Trail, British Columbia
From Apr 20, 2019 to Jul 20, 2019 (Flexible)
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Planning to go from Whitehorse or Vancouver to Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Tijuana (North Mexico) and back North along the Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Vancouver Island

Plan to stop for more days of camping/hiking etc in National Parks, Mountain Ranges or on beaches etc

Maybe explore some cities or go to some events

Sleeping in the car, eating cheap food (homemade and healthy), trying to keep costs low

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Trip created by Johannes
From Vancouver, BC, Canada; 20 Years Old


If I should describe myself in just a few words, I would pick: nature-loving, open to new experiences and curious. But let’s begin at the start. In the age of 16 I went on an exchange year to Norway, where I lived in a host family and attended a Norwegian school. I became very self-confident, open to new people and experiences and curious about... see more

Contact: 1 - XXX-XXX-XXXX


National Parks
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