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Katy is a great hub if you're looking to experience multiple cities while in Texas! It is about 4 hours from Dallas, 2 hours from Austin, 20-40 minutes from Houston, and about 2 hours from Galveston. If you're into road trips, Katy is a nice place to use as a springboard for nearby destinations. If you're looking for a low-key day between travel stops, we also have some great food and decent shopping; overall, Katy can be a nice quiet and safe getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you're doing a longer trip and need a low-key rest day, definitely let me know. One of my favorite nearby places (about 15 minute drive time) is called Houston Spa World. If you're into saunas, this is your place! They have a bunch of different rooms with various levels of heat and also offer full body scrubs and massages, plus a nice bath/spa area (those are gender restricted, but everything else is neutral). I bought a bundle of 10 day passes after going just one time--it is one of the most relaxing places I can think of. My neighborhood also has a pool, so let me know if you want to relax there and I'm happy to let you use my pass or go with you! Katy also has a lot of great coffee shops, dog parks, restaurants, and walking trails--I'm sure there is more than that, but those are the main things I love here haha. Katy seems to be a bit more family-oriented than Houston, but honestly my husband and I don't have kids and we never have trouble finding things to do here. If I were traveling around the area for the first time and had a car, I might consider lodging in Katy and go into Houston for most of my touring. The drive is anywhere from 20-40 minutes. If you're visiting Katy, my guess is you're probably here for Houston, but there are definitely some nice places to eat and hang out here, so don't pass it up entirely! If you're looking for more touristy destinations nearby, Houston will definitely be your go-to! There is something in Houston for every travel style. If you're into nightlife, there are countless great rooftop bars, clubs, shows, attractions, etc. If you're into educational experiences, the museums are nice as well. Houston also has some wonderful stand-up shows and drag brunches if you're looking for unique experiences, plus you can always find some sort of concert going on. Houston 365 is a great website for finding things to do if you're looking for something other than the usual attractions. Buffalo Bayou is really nice if you're looking for something outdoorsy--you can walk, rent a bike, skateboard, etc. I've also heard there is a pretty nice theater scene downtown, but digging into that scene is still on my to-do list. A lesser-known lake town somewhat nearby is Conroe. I have some friends there as well, so if you're looking to do something laid-back and water-related, let me know and I'll see if I can set something up with them--or we could just do a quick day trip there! Galveston is also about two hours away and is a decent option for beach activities. A lot of locals hate on Galveston--I'll admit it isn't the most gorgeous beach in the world, but it is nice and could be a good change of pace if you've been city-hopping for a while. They have good food and the boardwalk is super cute. It is another one of those places that makes an easy day-trip from either Katy or Houston. My goal in using this app is to build connections and help out fellow travelers to the best of my ability. I would love to show you around while you're here! I'm here to be your local friend and guide--whether you need someone to talk to, explore with, a safe point of contact in the area, or even a place to stay, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate. I'm happy to open up my home and have a drink while swapping stories or go somewhere new as a travel buddy. If you're traveling solo and like small groups, you and I can go check out some cool sites! If you're looking to meet more people, I have a pretty dope friend group that would most likely be down to hang out as well. I want to make each traveler feel like they have a home away from home, whatever that may mean for you. :) If you're in need of a place to stay while in the area, we have a guest bedroom upstairs with a private bathroom, which could comfortably sleep 1-2 people. We also have air mattresses if you have a bigger group. Our neighborhood is very suburban--ironically, I always thought I would hate the suburbs, but by 30 I'm honestly here for the vibes haha. Anyway, my point is don't hesitate to ask if you need a safe and quiet place to rest between excursions. I used couchsurfing back in college (early 2010s) and always found that community to be incredibly supportive and amazing--I'm hoping this app will be the same. A few quick stats on me: married (no kids), English teacher (12th grade), 30 years old, 2 pups and a cat (all of them crazy, but amazing), have lived here for 3 years (moved from VA, but lived all over as a military kid). I'm not sure how many countries I've been to over the years, but one of my favorite components of travel has always been the people you meet in different areas; I genuinely hope I can be that for some of you on this app. I know it sounds cliche, but I love meeting new people and learning about each beautiful culture that plays a part in crafting our global community. The people I've met while traveling have, in many instances, been just as memorable as the sights and attractions, if not more! ...man, the app keeps telling me to write more, but I'm not sure what else to say haha. If you're a solo female traveler and are worried about safety, I feel that! I'm happy to Zoom call or whatever you'd like before actually meeting. My husband travels a lot for work, so it is usually just me here, but he may or may not be around. My favorite place I've traveled is Thailand. I taught English at a school in Bangkok and ended up living there for around 16 months. I'd absolutely love to go back one day. The food, the people, the PRICES, everything about it is a 10/10. My most memorable destination, however, would have to be Paris. Although the locals did not seem super keen on Americans (lol), the city is beautiful and I did get engaged there, so I certainly can't discount it. Anyway, if you've read all of this and I seem like your type of travel buddy/friend, let me know and let's do something! :)

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